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ūü¶ä the zorua's journal [i added polls]

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POLL: what//how did you get to my journal? :o (out of curiousity)

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the zorua's journal

inside the den of the zorua, you can see a small notebook. inside, there are scribbles of various types. small notes, collections of things, even small entries depicting an event.
link to above
Made by KeepsakeKey
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everything else not linked? Probably a dump of art/coding or similar actually, this bit is a work in progress

page one

page one
page # content
one introduction
two about me
three pokedexes
four wishlist
five art
six pokesonas // characters
seven pokemon zodiac // personality posts
eight hunts history
nine pokemon firsts
ten art contest post

page two

page two
page # content
one dex trading
two avatars credit
three gym badges
four code testing
five type race
six clicklist
seven wishforge
eight template freebie #1
nine inventory
ten accessories

page three

page three
page # living dex
one kanto
two johto
three hoenn
four sinnoh
five unova
six kalos
seven alola
eight megas
nine exclusives // variants
ten extra

page four

page four
page # content
one storage for art sprites
two pokerus tracker
three task list tracker
four pokesona contest post
five adopt workshop post
six pokesona contest
seven wanted items
eight [ url= LINK]words[/ url]
nine [ url= LINK]words[/ url]
ten [ url= LINK]words[/ url]
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trade shop | journal | comic | hoards | credit they/them || +11 pfq time note: not very active
about me
she//her, won't mind they//them "plus ultra!"
Hi there! I'm WaterWolf600, but please, call me Water, it's much easier and less typing. I've been on PFQ for quite a while now and am gradually working towards my big goals in the site. I currently live in Australia, as I have been for my whole life. My timezone can depend on whether or not it's daylight saving here, but it's usually either server +10 or server + 11. I'm usually quite a shy individual, but as I get to know you better, you might start to see me open up a bit more. I may not respond to random PMs which only have a simple 'hi' due to me not knowing how to respond back, sorry!


15th December
time zone:
server +10




Assassination Classroom Boku no Hero Academia Bungou Stray Dogs Fairy Tail Noragami Pokemon (:p)
  1. PMs I do accept PMs, however those without a clear conversation will most probably be ignored.
  2. Random trades Although I might accept trades which are labelled and has showed that it wasn't random (eg. reference to trade shop), I will be extremely confused if it's unlabelled and it will most likely end up declined
  3. Clicking When clicking, I will click whatever is in your party at the time. Sometimes, I may leave you until you have filled up your party, but usually, I'm focusing on getting clicks and thus won't check to see the amount of pokemon. Sometimes, I will click back, but that's mainly when I either have some time or just need the clicks.
  4. Battles Battling isn't really something which I have my focus on in PFQ, but if you ask beforehand, or if I initiate the battle, I would probably be willing to
  5. Trade evolving Yes, I'll help with trade evolving! ^^ Either send me a PM or a labelled trade and I'll get to you :)


last updated 07/July/2018
  • overall dex
  • kanto dex
  • johto dex
  • hoenn dex
  • sinnoh dex
  • unova dex
  • kalos dex
  • alola dex
  • pfq exclusives dex
  • pfq megas dex
  • pfq variants dex
egg - 501/517
pokemon - 1153/1176
shiny - 144/1176
albino - 39/1176
melan - 6/1176
egg - 81/81
pokemon - 203/203
shiny - 42/203
albino - 7/203
melan - 1/203
egg - 81/81
pokemon - 130/130
shiny - 7/130
albino - 3/130
melan - 0/130
egg - 75/75
pokemon - 168/168
shiny - 28/168
albino - 9/168
melan - 3/168
egg - 51/52
pokemon - 124/124
shiny - 9/124
albino - 3/124
melan - 0/124
egg - 82/82
pokemon - 170/170
shiny - 14/170
albino - 1/170
melan - 0/170
egg - 37/37
pokemon - 83/83
shiny - 9/83
albino - 0/83
melan - 0/83
egg - 42/54
pokemon - 111/123
shiny - 15/123
albino - 0/123
melan - 0/123
egg - 29/33
pokemon - 59/69
shiny - 1/69
albino - 1/69
melan - 0/69
pokemon - 48/48
shiny - 9/48
albino - 14/48
melan - 2/48
egg - 22/22
pokemon - 58/58
shint - 10/58
albino - 1/58
melan - 0/58
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short, sweet and simple please note that these are not ordered in a specific order currency ( > > ) hypermode vouchers √ľbercharms shiny charms pokeradar memory stick trade centre expansions (super) lucky eggs fire feathers red soul dew boxes (mainly cute boxes) premium box gems (fire, ground, rock, ghost, dragon, steel or fairy) relics darkinium z (or fragments) daycare passes - art! all of my characters are located at my toyhouse currently my s/a fields are a bit of a mess, but I'll be willing to accept all, if not all pokemon! (ps. zorua is my favourite pokemon)
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this isn't updated anymore due to the fact I upload most things on toyhouse, but these are art which I ordered back around 2014 and 2015
  • comissioned
  • resources


Made by IceLapras

Made by IceLapras!
Made by IceLapras!
Sprite by IceLapras, for WaterWolf600's use only

Made by sansan5

Made by Alix-chan

Made by WolfOfProphecys

Made by drkrogue

Made by tartrino

Made by Savage-Shifter

Made by CyndaLuvSOAD, animation by Savage-Shifter!

Made by Lostcalls

Made by RavenWolf365

Made by NyanCatJinx

Made by tulip5366

Made by Magicsoda

Made by St√łrmfang

Made by ninetales12

Made by Starscreamsgirl

Made by Tabitha Mori

Made by AshleyKT

Made by CyndaLuvSOAD

Made by Kodiak

Made by valortalons.
Made by valortalons.
Made by valortalons.

Made by Silverclawzz

Made by Spoon

Made by EeveeOcelotQueen


Made by Bunneeh

Made by RainbowMalik

Made by Eireyney

Made by SophieFear

Made by amyc123

Made by Beeside

Made by aurajem13

Made by Sandslash666

Made by Lonely Heart


Made by AshleyKT

Made by Bunneeh

Made by Kawasemi

Made by gezeichnet

Made by ezpups

Made by astrophilic

Made by Is It Necessary


Made by Bunneeh

Made by Randomgal9050

Made by Milkamel


Flying through the wind - Post

[img]https://i.imgur.com/MRs9rh9.png[/img][css=background:url('https://i.imgur.com/1E4w03w.png'); background-repeat: repeat-y; min-height:50px; padding-left: 175px; padding-right: 175px; color:#08b4d5;][size=8] [center] TEXT [/center][/size][/css][img]https://i.imgur.com/3udtYpp.png[/img] [url=https://pfq.link/~px8H][IMG]https://imgur.com/15G8Ys3[/IMG][/url][url=https://pfq.link/~pxCR][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/V6bO82u.png[/IMG][/url][url=http://pokefarm.org/forum/thread/9115/Snowy-Mountains-Art-Academy?][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/9ConvrS.png[/IMG][/url]

The Dark Legend - Signature

[css=background:url('https://i.imgur.com/TurBWzH.png'); min-height:250px; max-height:250px; padding-left: 95px; padding-right: 150px; padding-top: 70px; padding-bottom: 75px; font-size:10px; text-shadow: 0px 0px 6px #25445d; color:#ffffff; text-align: center;] [center]TEXT [/center][/css]

It's the inside that counts - Post

[img]https://i.imgur.com/uEvvcat.png[/img][css=background:url('https://i.imgur.com/3UO7okM.png'); background-repeat:repeat-y; padding: 0px 80px 0px 60px; color:#FF4747;]Text here! [/css][img]https://i.imgur.com/iLmtQ1j.png[/img]

Spriting Bases

Chibi Runners

Stickers stuff

After you choose your sprite, the sprite along with a few other boxes will pop up. You want to go to the "Layers" box. At the bottom of the box, there are 5 icons. You'll want the middle icon, which is the "Layer Styles" icon. Click this icon, and another box will pop up. You first choose the Outer Glow option. Change the Hardness to 5 and the size to 7 and the colour to White. After doing this, you choose the Drop Shadow option. They HAVE to be done in that order or the Outer Glow will go around the shadow as well, and you don't want that.
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pokemon characters
my pokemon related characters for now, this post is a wip, but everyone is located here unova pmd portraits base found here still need to make pmd sprites for them uwu pmd icons were all created by me unless the images were uploaded to their toyhouse, which means I did not make it (their artists are credited there)
  • zelenia
  • spirit
  • scarlett
  • myuu
  • topaz
  • aquila
  • fuji
  • kŇćjin
  • pandora
  • flare
  • laike
  • cetus
  • tempest
  • vortex
  • permafrost
  • pyre
  • nightshade
  • talos
z e l e n i a
s p i r i t
s c a r l e t t
m y u u
t o p a z
a q u i l a
f u j i
k Ňć j i n
p a n d o r a
f l a r e
l a i k e
c e t u s
t e m p e s t
v o r t e x
p e r m a f r o s t
p y r e
n i g h t s h a d e
t a l o s

galaxy of designs

the group of zel's extended family and friends, also entries from a contest that their designers do not mind me keeping
  • nebula
  • kagura
  • rei
  • ziva
  • ciela
  • maya
  • kayda
  • alabelle
  • eris
  • corinne
  • corvina
  • azure
  • ceto
  • amaryllis
  • lita
  • cora
  • maella
  • lya
  • proto
  • nyoka
n e b u l a
k a g u r a
r e i
z i v a
c i e l a
m a y a
k a y d a
a l a b e l l e
e r i s
c o r i n n e
c o r v i n a
a z u r e
c e t o
a m a r y l l i s
l i t a
c o r a
m a e l l a
l y a
p r o t o
n y o k a
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zodiac // personality

  • altered origin
  • tumblr
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hunt history

if you do not want to know what the special sprites look like, please be aware I've included images of them inside the hide boxes


eggs hatched;; 500 ish??? status;; completed outcome;; nothing dates;; ??? before 2016-2017


eggs hatched;; 55 ? status;; finished outcome;; one shiny dates;; Easter 2017


eggs hatched;; ??? status;; finished outcome;; two shinies dates;; January 2018


eggs hatched;; 280 status;; finished outcome;; two albinos dates;; February 2018


eggs hatched;; 600 status;; finished outcome;; one albino, three shinies dates;; March 2018


eggs hatched;; 1,405 status;; finished outcome;; two shinies, one albino dates;; April 2018


eggs hatched;; 400 status;; finished outcome;; nothing dates;; 1st may - 24th may 2018


eggs hatched;; 700 status;; finished outcome;; one shiny dates;; 1st june - 20th june 2018


eggs hatched;; 850 status;; finished outcome;; one shiny, one albino dates;; 2st july - 21th july 2018


eggs hatched;; 870 status;; finished outcome;; three shinies dates;; 1st august - 30th september 2018


eggs hatched;; 250 status;; finished outcome;; one shiny dates;; 6th october - 21st october 2018


eggs hatched;; 1735 status;; finished outcome;; 34 shinies, 11 albinos & one melan dates;; 18th november (?) - 22nd december 2018


eggs hatched;; 4,075 status;; paused outcome;; 107 shinies & 20 albinos dates;; 22nd december - 9th february 2019


eggs hatched;; 540 status;; finished outcome;; one albino dates;; 9th february - 24th february 2019


eggs hatched;; 1,575 status;; finished outcome;; six shinies & one albino dates;; 24th february - 25th april 2019

alolan sandshrew

eggs hatched;; 1,050 status;; finished outcome;; two shinies & four albinos (double check) dates;; 29th april - 19th june 2019


eggs hatched;; 1,125 status;; paused outcome;; 24 shinies & three albinos dates;; 19th june - 3rd august 2019


eggs hatched;; 420 status;; finished outcome;; five shinies dates;; 3rd august - 23rd august 2019


eggs hatched;; 540 status;; finished outcome;; three albinos dates;; 23rd august - 23rd september 2019


eggs hatched;; 485 status;; finished outcome;; one albino dates;; 23rd september - 20th october 2019


eggs hatched;; 645 status;; finished outcome;; n/a dates;; 21st october - 24th november 2019
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special pokemon

starters first mega first custom sprite first shiny
first albino first melan first delta
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Art contest post for saving. ^^ The deadline is 19th February, which means 2 years ago, this will stop accepting entries! This has been extended to the 1st March, so that 2 years ago this will close, unless another extension is made This has been extended to the 11st March, so that 2 years ago this will close I will be choosing winners soon!
Hello and welcome to my art contest! I've decided to start one up because I'm in need of art for various characters. :)


- Of course, all PFQ rules apply - All art entered into the contest must be made by yourself - I don't mind how many entries you make, however you are only able to win one prize - If by the time the deadline is reached and their are less than four entries, the contest will be extended


First place will get a pick of 7 pokemon from the prize pool. Second place will get a pick of 6 pokemon from the prize pool. Third place will get a pick of 5 pokemon from the prize pool. Fourth place will recieve the last 4 pokemon in the prize pooll. The rest of the participants will recieve a consolation reward of a few gems of a random type.

Prize Pool

All of them are currently EXP locked


Pokemon Characters More examples can be found in the art//drawing section here. However, there isn't that many there.


A Zorua and Articuno hybrid. Is never seen without her blue scarf. [example images]


An Eevee and Latias hybrid. Wears a yin-yang necklace. [example image]
A colour-in of this base by me


A black mew with blue eyes. Has a white feather necklace around the neck. [example images]


A gemstone//dragon-like Eevee.

Extra Information

Spirit, Scarlett and Myuu are nearly inseperable. They are quite good friends who generally enjoy the company of each other. Spirit acts like the leader of the three, being the most responsible. Scarlett is like the happy-go-lucky kind of pokemon. She's very optimistic and and gets excited easily over small things. Myuu tends to keep quiet and keep his thoughts to himself instead of socialising with the other two. However, he still tends to stick by them as he does partly enjoy their company. As for Topaz? She's kind of a newer character, so I haven't yet gotten anything down on her. ^^
Other Characters they are situated here and to put them all here would be a pain I don't have general personalities for majority of them, only their designs Please note that Rina in the above doesn't have a proper appearence yet, so it isn't advised to draw her. ^^

Entry Form

Please do use this as it'll make it just a bit easier on me!

I wish to enter! Username: Your username here obviously, you don't have to write in the fancy lettering if there is any in your username Entry: Whether it be a link or a hidebox, the entry goes here. You may post WIPs. Will you allow me to use the art?: Basically putting it in the character profile, in my journal or toyhou.se or any other site//place where I store my character's information. Of course, credit will be given. ^^ Other: If there's anything you want to add here, just put it in


[b][u]I wish to enter![/u][/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Entry:[/b] [b]Will you allow me to use the art?:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]












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