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FlingPosse's AvatarFlingPosse
FlingPosse's Avatar
me accepting the fact this thread is most likely going to be deleted because everyone keeps forgetting what the mods told them not to do
Icon is official pokemon artwork I'll get a prettier looking signature some day
Animela's AvatarAnimela
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When Sally is being a butt and won't give you what you want.
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>(ouo)< I haz more space. Feel free to PM me, I don't bite!
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
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Me feeling responsable for the previous quote chain Source: Zach King from vine You won't get me alive. /s

Not a meme, but I find it interesting

My first language is french, so my english may be imperfect o7 Profil picture drawn by Optimus Prime! Fusion banette + mega are from Pokemon's official sprite and fused by me. Draw inspired by Sans' Hotdog Stand in Undertale
EvilAngel's AvatarEvilAngel
EvilAngel's Avatar
Trying to be really active on PFQ and also get my life stuff done be like (It's a gif, wait for it to start): Art by me, nu stealing
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FlingPosse's AvatarFlingPosse
FlingPosse's Avatar
when the memes people post aren't even about pfq anymore
Belial's AvatarBelial
Belial's Avatar
Gentle reminder that the quote chains (such as the previous page) shouldn't be happening. If you're going to quote someone who quoted someone, trim out the previous quote. :p Thanks!
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Me: Hey Sally, what are those users who got troll parties doing? Sally:
jase.json's Avatarjase.json
jase.json's Avatar
remember "Good Times, Constatine"? this is her now. feel old yet? "Good Times, Belial".
Avatar is of my Pokesona, Naozumi. Credits to dorgoat for the amazing art! / gay/trans borkers by lepedi on dA!
Camwoodstock's AvatarCamwoodstock
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QUOTE originally posted by jase.json

remember "Good Times, Constatine"? this is her now. feel old yet? "Good Times, Belial".
"We'll be fair, Belial" ...Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
Source: Eastern Mind (MS-DOS), the Chu-Teng Symbol
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my level 50+ honedges vibin in my fields waiting to evolve for wishforge
icon and bait by me!

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