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TheGardenK's AvatarTheGardenK
TheGardenK's Avatar
When you open a box........ Then you get a berry.
I randomly hatched a shiny!
NotLeo's AvatarNotLeo
NotLeo's Avatar
oml i like your luck.
Ninja647's AvatarNinja647
Ninja647's Avatar
I don't always get anything from boxes. But when I do... I get berries!

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FireFox Leafy's AvatarFireFox Leafy
FireFox Leafy's Avatar
I made some PFQ memes about a month ago for a little comic of mine. It's right here if anyone wants to see it. >w<
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SaltyGlitch's AvatarSaltyGlitch
SaltyGlitch's Avatar
Sorry if this seems like it's singling anybody out, it isn't meant to. If staff decide to take this down, I completely understand. Image for meme BuYinG AlL SUmmOnS fOR 25 zC
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Rockman's AvatarRockman
Rockman's Avatar

woah Pretty big

(Original meme(s) made by Joe Loong on Flickr and Ian Davies on Reddit.)
Previously known as BlackAgumon. Erm... I have nothing to put here yet.
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Hydrøxide's AvatarHydrøxide
Hydrøxide's Avatar
memes are my life i love it when this happens
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JADE's Avatar
*silently shoves this in and leaves* it's time to defeat the huns
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Rëwrïttën's AvatarRëwrïttën
Rëwrïttën's Avatar
"I don't always click reload in the shelter." "But when i do," "Theres a shiny/legendary in there."
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Waterclaw's AvatarWaterclaw
Waterclaw's Avatar

blurry image sorta

when she says 'i click back 1:1' and only has 1 pokemon in her party
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