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QUOTE originally posted by Niet

QUOTE originally posted by BraveHearted

You are more than welcome to play however you want. It's just that some ways of playing are easier, some are harder. Some are more optimal, others are inefficient. But you can't deliberately pick a deeply suboptimal way of playing (eg. never ever trading) and then complain about how your chosen way of playing is hard (eg. can't evolve Haunter) and use that as an excuse to fuel negative opinions and demanding suggestions (eg. add an item to bypass the need for trading) because "You said I could play how I want." That just isn't right.
I wasn't saying that. I don't mind trading when it is needed. What bothered me at the time was the fact people were saying their piece and "just dex/trade this is a social game" was basically shoved in our faces as an attempt to shut us up (this is how it felt at the time at least to me). Cause this seems to come up anytime someone mentions about not wanting to dex or trade (mostly when it's choice based and not a must). Having "just get the dexes" as a default argument is kind of unfair itself. Especially if it's not a MUST. So it kind of throws me off???? Idk how to explain it... I think most understand PF is a social based game, but you can also choose your own way. It just feels sometimes things are forced at us and it can cause tension. Even if that wasn't what was meant. >.< My unpop opinion was mostly aimed at arguments that are thrown at people to try to shut them down...which isn't fair. Especially if dexting, or trading in general, isn't a must. Sorry if I said something wrong. I was probably a little heated when I posted it, but my concerns/unpop opinion still stands. As well...it's my opinion. You don't have to agree with it... >.< Sorry... Edit: Also sorry if this comes off as rude. I was thrown off by this. ;; So I didn't know how to respond...I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just dazzed...
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It wasn't just about you, or this one case, but just a general attitude I've noticed. Personally, having read those posts, I don't particularly see it as a shut-down, more as them genuinely trying to help you solve the problem by offering a solution. I'm leaning more towards seeing it as a miscommunication rather than actual malice. You might see it differently, but that's how I see it from here. I might be wrong - and I would disagree if someone were indeed using it as a shutdown, because the actual discussion is more important than "being right". My main "complaint" as it were is that the "play your way" message listed on the front page is kind of being misconstrued. It's intended to specifically refer to two things: 1. You make your own objectives and complete them how you choose. 2. You can play on whatever device you have to hand, be it PC, mobile, or "smart refrigerator" (yes, that's a thing, and it works on them!) I've even played it on my car. It is not intended to mean you can do whatever you want and expect it to work - which is the impression I've sort of been getting from some - but not all - of the complaints about game balance. I would refer those types of complaints to my previous post. Again, this isn't about you in particular, but you just said something that reminded me of all this and I took the opportunity to offer my opinion on the matter.
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I think part of the problem is that "just trade," or "just dex," is often used as a bandaid for frustrating or poor features. (One big one I can think of is the scour feature.) Like... Yeah. No matter how hard you make something, SOMEONE will get it. However, that doesn't mean that it's something 99% of the userbase will want to deal with. And it's not even about Arceus - some people just genuinely like certain 'mons. I know that I actually really like totem Donphan and would love to hunt it, but I know I won't because getting totems is such a chore and for no reason. I can't trade my way out of needing to buy three totem stickers or doing all that scouring for the full line (four stickers, if I didn't get the sticker / have the totem originally). I know that the scour system will be updated and hopefully better soon, but it's also not a problem exclusive to scour 'mons. Things like unobtainable custom sprites, the Saiyan Raticate line, even the Alolan summon requirements (yes, I know the math works out that it CAN be done alone, but this comes up a lot because the requirement seems so skewed compared to other regions). I'm sure there's more but it's 6 am and I think the point is made.
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Un-pop opinion I think??? I really adore the new melan for the Finneon line. Yes, green, yellow and brown aren't the best colors, but to me they work here. They work for a fish and deep sea/eerie vibe. Especially on mega Lumineon. It's just an oddly pretty color choice for the line and it just appeals to me. 🤷

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