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Doduo's AvatarDoduo
Doduo's Avatar
Gotta agree here, this doesn’t seem like a very unpopular opinion atm but the meme thread hasn’t been funny to me for a very long time now. It doesn’t even seem to be memes anymore and just random comments. ^^; A couple of them are funny to me, but compared to how large the thread is now, that’s...not many.
Dingo Blue's AvatarDingo Blue
Dingo Blue's Avatar
^ I feel this on spiritual level lol Charizard didn’t need a mega X form for dragon typing :/ CharizardX looks too different to be a Charizard and should be something more like a regional variant, just toned down. Those darker colours would look nice against a cooler climate hinthint. CharizardY is more logical and the pure chad Charizard. In my experience, most people like that CharizardX gets dragon type which to me is kind of not really that big a deal :p Controversial? I would prefer future regions experience dex cuts as well. Pls don’t message me or anything about this I’m sick of it. Not for the ridiculous quality reasons or whatever garbage gets pulled and then gone back on, but I honestly think it’s a bit ridiculous to have almost a thousand different creatures in one game. Like damn that’s a lot. Heck, split the dex half and half between the two games because gamefreak seems set on duo releases. At least that way it’s not only a handful of version exclusives and a box legendary that set them apart :p Plus you can decide which version has more of your favourites I guess *shrug*. The BW region exclusives until the game is beat is actually really good and how it should be imo Lillie sucks butts and is an underwhelming character
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Fuchsfee's AvatarFuchsfee
Fuchsfee's Avatar
I agree so much on the dex cut thing! To me this felt like a much needed change. When I started playing Shield I pretty much ignored all the old Pokémon (with just one exception) and focused completely on the new additions and variants. This had the very welcome side effect that most of the new mon have grown a lot on me. I didn't like the majority of them before I started the game. This effect reassured me in my opinion that the dex cut was a good decision. With the huge amount of existing evolution lines we really need a reason to play with the new Pokémon,not just in the main game but also in competitive play as well. Otherwise it's far too easy to fall back on what we already know from previous games.
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Noctuoidea's AvatarNoctuoidea
Noctuoidea's Avatar
I like most of the galar mon designs, but I honestly think scorbunny and its evos are among the worst of all starter designs. Scorbunny alone isn't too bad of a design, although it is fairly boring and uninspired compared to the other 2 galar starters. Raboot, in comparison, is an awful evo. It doesn't even feel like it evolves from scorbunny. It feels like an entirely different pokemon. Nothing about it even seems to follow the "sporty" theme scorbunny has going. But cinderace is my least favorite of them all. It looks like a fanmade pokemon, and not in a fun and original way. It honestly seems like someone said "take incenaroar, but make it a soccer bunny". Even then, nothing about the design alone tells you about this pokemon. It's boring and a wasted opportunity to make something awesome. I'm not sure how unpopular this opinion actually is but people seem to like the fire bunny lol
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Syräkkør's AvatarSyräkkør
Syräkkør's Avatar
I feel like Charizard (Mega Formes also) and Pikachu are overated.
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ScørKaji's AvatarScørKaji
ScørKaji's Avatar
Sigiliyph, Claydol and Gollett are all really interesting and need love/
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