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unpopular opinion? Hmm well i love snorlax and I have baby pokemon...it just bugs me that some pokes have 'babies' in their lines and others don't and what the heck is up with kanghaskan :S
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QUOTE originally posted by Rissan

I actually love Pokémon Shuffle but I hate the mobile port. Everything costs more coins while it's harder to get those coins (ever played the Meowth stage on mobile? It doesn't even guarantee 100 coins on repeat runs).
I so feel you here. I will never understand why a single great ball costs beating 12 new stages (if you don't play Meowth at all in the process). And how Gems are next to never given out and yet its always like "you can transfer one of those for 400 coins :D" and I'm over here like "you better give me ten times that for how little I get these since I can't buy them :D" Seriously, I think I've gotten maybe five or less of those and have played for several months now.
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Unpopular opinion time? OH BOY! Where do I start- oh wait I know! I loathe the Lucario line. It just feels like a bunch of anime tropes smooshed into one pokemon to me, and the overall design doesn't appeal to me on any level either. As an addon I'm not a very big fan of most furry pokemon in general. They tend to just kinda range from 'meh' to 'please keep that away from me'. There are exceptions like Pancham but just eh. On the flipside I love every pokemon based on inanimate objects. They're usually so fun! The Vanillite and Litwick lines are particular favourites of mine. What's not to love about a freaking living ice cream cone and a soul sucking candle? Nothing! NOTHING I SAY! And here's a REAL fun one that guarantees I'm always popular: Gen 1 is my least favourite Generation. No ifs ands or buts. For one, Kanto is REALLY BORING. No real variation in where you go or what you see. For another, I'm not a very big fan of a large majority of the original 151. When I played through Leafgreen I used a grand total of 3 Pokemon for battling: My starter
Bulbasaur is the best Kanto starter and I WILL fight people over this fact!
, Jolteon and a shiny Gastly I found. This was because I could not find myself giving a hoot about pretty much any other Pokemon. Generation 5 is my favourite generation though. Unova had some good variation to its locales and I actually have a lot of trouble trying to pick my parties ;~; There are so many great Pokemon! And they gave so much love to bug types! It's beautiful!! I think I'll end it there before I start reaching for things to say ^^'
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I liked PMD gates to infinity. I loved the fact that there were members that joined your team for story based reasons. It always made them feel more special then just standing around town forever. I also liked how they encouraged you to use multiple pokemon. All pokemon gained Exp at a reasonable pace that was shared with your entire team, box skills also helped so you don't have to feed your partners 50 gumis before they learned useful skills(though I do love gumis). I also liked the plot. Kyrem saw the world was turning bad and he got other pokemon to join because they felt left out of society. This is a perfectly justifiable reason unlike Rayaquaza not noticing a giant meteor would destroy the world or everyone's negative emotions empowering a force to mind control pokemon to turn others into stone.
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unpopular opinonions: -i like shiny espeon. idk a lot of other gold/yellow/green shinies too -most pink/purple shinies are ugly imo and there are only a handful i like -kanto/first gen is very overrated and has some of the ugliest pokemon -vanillite and klefki are some of the cutest and most interesting pokemon. vanilluxe is really decent in battle. -leafeon is best eeveelution -6th (including oras) and 7th gen games are ok and fun enough but 4th (including hgss) and 5th gen are where it's at -i don't like pikachu. i used to, but that was when i was really young and there was like only first gen and maybe second gen around -hgss is still the best remake pokemon has -hgss only has one downside and that's lyra. she's cute but she pales in comparison to kris. #BringKrisBack2k17 idk im sure there's more but that's what i thought of for now o:
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QUOTE originally posted by Sciana

-hgss only has one downside and that's lyra. she's cute but she pales in comparison to kris. #BringKrisBack2k17
^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^ I remember when they first announced Crystal version and the whole big thing was "Look you can play as Girl now!" and I was so excited because Kris was just so dang pretty and amazing (BLUE. PIGTAILS.). The disappointment when they announced that Kris wouldn't be in the remakes was soul crushing. I miss my beautiful girl ;o;
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Fujin Yumi's AvatarFujin Yumi
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-i would give my life for gen 4 Its my absolute fave region and games and everything about it was amazing to me - being said Barry is my favorite rival, Silver being a very close 2nd -I hate hawluchas shiny People see it for another cool black shiny but the colors are poorly chosen and clash - Pokemon Ranger is my favorite spin off series, i love it more than PMD and I really want another installment to the series. - there are too many pokemon in smash -shrugs- (Not that i care that much about smash anyways) - Pokken looks boring - bulbasaur > charmander
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So... I actually cannot stand Greninja and Decidueye. I would've been able to stand them more if it wasn't for their wild popularity. I'm looking at you especially, Greninja. P.S: Primarina has such a pretty design, how do people not like this as much? ;v;

QUOTE originally posted by Diancietherock

So... I actually cannot stand Greninja and Decidueye. I would've been able to stand them more if it wasn't for their wild popularity. I'm looking at you especially, Greninja. P.S: Primarina has such a pretty design, how do people not like this as much? ;v;
I agree with you, especially on the greninja part. I remember everyone loving the other 2 starters when they were first released probably because Fennekin was a fox and the furry fandom/deviantart were all over that I actually liked froakie the most, but then all of a sudden it got so popular. As someone who hasn't watched the show since they went to unova, I had no idea what Ash greninja was. I think people aren't the biggest fans of Primarina because of the gender ratio being mostly male, but I dunno - - - - - - - I wanted to put this on the original post, but I was like, naww I dislike how they started making your rival get the weaker starter against the one you pick. It just seems like it's a one-hit knockout, even for their other party pokemon. Unova was pretty much the transition generation from the stronger to weaker type, since you got both as rivals. I get that they're trying to make it "friendlier" by making the rival not competitive or whatever. It's just... they could still make them get the stonger type without having them lose their friendliness.
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I use the word hate quite sparingly overall, so when I use it, I really mean it. I absolutely HATE the fairy fox (actually fairy rabbit) to the point that I depise it soo much, I refuse to use it's name and by extension, avoid socially associating myself with any person that even barely likes that putrid thing, if I can help it. That, if I ever got the opportunity to remove just one thing from Pokémon, I would erase it's existence. It was all the holidays in one and more to me, when it was so easily defeated in the fairy gym by a fire/flying type. So, even more because it was a fire and flying typing that caused it's demised. I love wings, feathers, fire-related things and snow-related things. So I was over the moon, so to speak. I seriously disliked Serena (already annoyed me) after she evolved her Eevee into that, that thing. I was expecting it though, after seeing how annoyingly-girly she was. Unpopular opinion because I know that fairy rabbit, is seen cute but I seriously do not see it. Not to mention, Eevee being a male dominate species of fox, makes little sense for an overly girly evolution to even exist that looks like a rabbit not a fox. Also, on a lesser scale, I do not like the fairy typing, psuedo-legendaries (would be okay if they weren't over used, rare, normally high steps to hatch and their stats were more balanced with the rest of the average pokémon) and horrendously opposite coloured shinies to their original colourings. I do not like dark shinies any way, unless it's original colouring was that. It's why I do not like or even want to hunt very many of the melans. I prefer softer and brighter colours with things.
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