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Prince Turtle's AvatarPrince Turtle
Prince Turtle's Avatar
sinnoh is my favorite region. i also love unova. also i never understood why umbreon is so popular? like it's just a black fox with rings. (tho this is coming from someone who loves the lillipup line even though they're literally just dogs) to each their own i guess.
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fÙwÚrret's AvatarfÙwÚrret
fÙwÚrret's Avatar
My favorite eeveelution is actually Glaceon, even though my 'sona is a Milotic+Sylveon hybrid-thing. My least favorite is Unbreon. Umbreon is nice and all but no... sorry.
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Corviknight's AvatarCorviknight
Corviknight's Avatar
I hate Eeveelutions with a burning passion, and I hate all of the attention they get. This applies to most other 'furry bait' Pokemon (Vulpix line, Growlithe line, Houndour line, Poochyena line, Litten, Zorua line, Rockruff line, and so many others...) I have pretty unusual tastes in Pokemon in general. I do tend to dislike most Pokemon, ironically, but I do love my favorites. I don't think I've seen any other person whose favorite is Krokorok. Sad. And I adore dragons, but the earlier-gen dragons sucked creativity-wise. Noivern is one of my favorites, but Dragonite is disgusting. Dratini and Dragonair are plain, but they're okay. And the Bagon line is equally bland. Then again, the Deino line is also great. The Goomy line is pretty good, too. So the Dragon typing has gotten better with time. Oh. Here's a big controversial one here: I hate Sun and Moon. The Pokedex is good, yeah. I appreciate that. And the other factor people love about it is the story, which is great and all, but if I wanted a good story, I'd pick up a book. Z-Moves were just another stupid gimmick like Megas except even less interesting. There's no post-game in SuMo whatsoever, unless you count the UBs (which I count as part of the main story). Breeding is horrible since they took away the bike, daycares don't level anymore, and horde chaining for shinies is painfully boring. Not to mention all of the times I've brushed against the Run button and broken huge chains that way. Even the concept of 'open world' that they sorta introduced was still in the same format as the rest of the games, and it made the islands feel small and cramped. AAAAND the communication features on SuMo suck, since you can't play the game at the same time like in XY. It also breaks connection a lot more in my experience. And for the cherry on top, I don't like bottlecaps. Nice way to make IV breeding completely useless, and make legends even more OP. (Edit: Another complaint- the tutorial was horrifically long, and way too guiding.) (Edit edit: Stating whether the move is effective on the move selection screen makes the game way too easy.) ....I really hate Sun and Moon.
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QUOTE originally posted by arbor

unova is my favorite region!!! it seems to generally be the least favorite, i'm not sure why? i'm kinda biased i suppose because my first game was black, but compared to kalos and alola i still heavily prefer unova. <3
I agree with unova being my favourite. It's sad to see it go underrated, especially after X and Y came out. Even though my first game was greenleaf, I still love Unova. I noticed the more I play PFQ, the more I realize I love that reigon haha
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fÙwÚrret's AvatarfÙwÚrret
fÙwÚrret's Avatar
I hate Guzma
Falinks's AvatarFalinks
Falinks's Avatar
Here's a couple others I was just thinking about: Sinnoh is pretty good. I hated it originally but I went and replayed Platinum some time ago and it was way better than I remembered. Dare I say, it was one of the best experiences I've had with a main series Pokemon game in a good while. If you remove nostalgia from the equation (for us oldies), Kanto is really boring. Doubly so in GSC/HGSS when it's just sorta tacked onto Johto, especially in GSC where it was largely barren due to hardware limitations. Mega Evolution is kinda stupid. Like it mostly just feels like a way for them to get more mileage out of popular Pokemon like Lucario, and then also maybe we'll give some to these other ones also. Most of the main series Mega Evos aren't very nice, either. The only one i really like is Mega Rayquaza design-wise... And while I liked Sun and Moon I'm really not excited about Ultra Sun/Moon. Like...it's only been a year...why not just do what every other game dev does and make DLC..?
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Unpopular opinion? I hate Hoenn.
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xXShadeXx's AvatarxXShadeXx
xXShadeXx's Avatar
That I seem to be one of the few people who disliked Lillie as a character. Like...could she have just not been there? Sun and Moon wasn't like all out amazing, but it was good enough to keep me occupied. Literally all my happiness vanished whenever I was stuck in a 10 minute or more onversation with her, or a scene involving her. Specially sense she follows the trope of give the most useless, defenseless character something majorly important into the story and just let them wander around like nothing was gonna happen just to try and give them purpose in the story. Like seriously, half of the story or so could've been scrapped if literally anyone else was given Cosmog to hold. Her leaving had to be the best thing that happened in the game...and that was basically the end of the main story. Her tagging along was such a nightmare to me. Usually I find our rivals annoying, but boy, was Hau so enjoyable compared to her. I fail to see how she's so likable...least to me. Unless I haven't dug deep enough.
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Rissan's AvatarRissan
Rissan's Avatar
Pikachu is overrated. I actually prefer Raichu and I hate that Pikachu still gets more attention in gen 7 even though Raichu actually got an entirely new form. I actually love Pokémon Shuffle but I hate the mobile port. Everything costs more coins while it's harder to get those coins (ever played the Meowth stage on mobile? It doesn't even guarantee 100 coins on repeat runs). Charizard is very overrated anyway imo, but it annoys me that Mega Charizard Y is specifically built around speed but it keeps its base speed of 100 when it mega evolves. Magikarp is actually one of my favorites despite its general uselessness. Johto is my favorite region but I hate how much level grinding is required for HG/SS. I never got my team past the 60s playing all the way through Kanto, but the Elite Four is all in the upper 60s and 70s as soon as you clear it the first time. Not to mention the Trainer House doesn't give experience anymore. I found out you can call and challenge trainers multiple times in a row with the Pokégear, but still. I've had both of those games for several years and I still haven't fought Red, which is saying something since I usually clear a main series game in two weeks max.
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Paravoina's AvatarParavoina
Paravoina's Avatar
I freakin love green shinies also, Huntail is great
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