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I've been debating about making something like this, since there might be some conflicts. Just as the title states, what are some unpopular opinions you have? Hopefully this will mainly apply to PFQ, but official games aren't off limit here please correct me if I'm wrong Please be considerate of each response. One of mine is that I'm not a huge fan of the Alolan Vulpix. I mean, the shiny is almost identical to the normal, and Ninetails kind of seems... off to me. I think it's the way the tails seem all stuck together.
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I really like Shiinotic for some reason and literally nobody else seems to. Well yeah it's just a weaker Amoonguss clone but whatever.
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I think Espeon and Jolteon shiny versions are ugly. Game freak designers were temporarily blind when they decided to make them green :>
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QUOTE originally posted by sunneliøn

I really like Shiinotic for some reason and literally nobody else seems to. Well yeah it's just a weaker Amoonguss clone but whatever.
Wait, people don't love shiinotic? That's one of my favorites!
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QUOTE originally posted by Selena5000

I think Espeon and Jolteon shiny version are ugly. Game freak designer were temporarily blind when they decided to make them green :>
I don't know about espeon, but I know the first gen or so was pretty difficult to use colours, since they had a major limited pallet. Most of the first shinies were just the same colour sets, but switched around. It's kind of hard to explain, but I saw a video on youtube somewhere about why they were ugly and/or subtle EDIT: I believe this was the video I watched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Inmj0jn_t4
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Unpopular opinion, I actually dont think Arcanine is that cool of a pokemon :u
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I'm with OP on Alohan Vulpix. Vulpix in general is pretty overrated imo. Also Umbreon is super overrated too I think. I'm not super keen on any of the Eeveelutions but Umbreon might be my least favorite. I like just regular Eevee :U Shiinotic is cooler than Amoongus and anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me is entitled to their opinion. Also also Dunsparce deserves better. Like when they started doing Mega Evolution in the official games I thought just maybe, it's little Dunsparce's time to shine...but no such luck ;n; I'm hoping there's a PFQ Mega Dunsparce someday, it would be majestic~
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unova is my favorite region!!! it seems to generally be the least favorite, i'm not sure why? i'm kinda biased i suppose because my first game was black, but compared to kalos and alola i still heavily prefer unova. <3
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I fell in love with Grimer and Muk when I played Pokemon Ranger. I don't know, just the way they were added in was really cool and showed what they can do when in large groups, and I just thought it was really cool. Not many people share the same thoughts though. In fact, those I've talked to about it don't like Grimer or Muk at all.
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I love shiny Ferrothorn and gold shinies in general.

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