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Injustice [oneshot]

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Violetglare's AvatarVioletglare
Violetglare's Avatar
Great story! You had me following every line and at the end I almost cried when she got caught.
WhispurrC4t's AvatarWhispurrC4t
WhispurrC4t's Avatar
DUDE!! Is there a follow-up? Will there be?? Can you please make one??? I'm invested in this story now; I need to know what happens nexttt
GESUS MAGIC POKEMON haw long did it take u to Wright that😮😶
Ghyst's AvatarGhyst
Ghyst's Avatar
Ah yes using a Masterball on a stupid Absol lol
Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Ghyst

Ah yes using a Masterball on a stupid Absol lol
I feel like I need to address this - and other comments like it. The Master Ball has appeared in the anime exactly once. Here's what happened:

QUOTE originally posted by Bulbapedia

In Whiscash and Ash, Sullivan attempted to use a Master Ball in a last-ditch attempt to catch Nero, an oversized wild Whiscash that had long eluded him. However, Nero swallowed the Master Ball and disappeared back into the water, not being caught. At the end of the episode, Nero was seen playing with the Master Ball on its tongue.
The only Master Ball ever seen in the anime was used on a "stupid" Whiscash, and it failed.
Clip from Pokémon anime, re-lined by me
Featured story: Injustice Feedback welcome!

Pages: 123··· 141516

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