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Injustice [oneshot]

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rmurr142's Avatarrmurr142
rmurr142's Avatar
So touching that story was soooo amazingly written and it was sooo sad and i felt like crying!!! :( ^U^
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not sure if anyone noticed but... moonie knows 5 moves...?
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BigGerald1's AvatarBigGerald1
BigGerald1's Avatar
I only started playing a few months ago, but this is an amazing stiry from an amazing admin!
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zanecrafter's Avatarzanecrafter
zanecrafter's Avatar
I wish that you would continue things of this kind of story
Yeh great story i read everything just keep writing.
Remember to always care for your pokemon.
WolfPack12's AvatarWolfPack12
WolfPack12's Avatar
ok i literally cannot function properly with out a part two pls pls make a aprt two i literally cant function i literally cant function im thinking about it every single second i dont have a part two to read
CottonEevee's AvatarCottonEevee
CottonEevee's Avatar
Poor Absol... I feel bad for the kids :c
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Kinachi's AvatarKinachi
Kinachi's Avatar
Niet pleeeeeeease do a pt 2
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Made by CottonEevee! Permission to use Mega Albino Jirachi given by Sei
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Made by AudreyC27!
Made by CottonEevee!
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Awww, That story almost made me cry, ack, it was so well written, And the details of how pokemon feel when a trainer does not care for their pokemon, And the primal desire carnivorous pokemon would have in reality, And the pokemons Responses to such family, and much more, Very good story! Keep it up! Cant wait for the next part if you do it!
DanielTheCake's AvatarDanielTheCake
DanielTheCake's Avatar
If niet doesn't make a part two, I will go insane and then explode of sadness!
Image taken from https://pokemon.fandom.com/wiki/Furret

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