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Injustice [oneshot]

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nabob0410's Avatarnabob0410
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Could you perhaps make a sequel? Where the mother escapes and finds her family again? And maybe she'll find the Dad Absol turned into a ghost Absol like the Mother Marowak from this year's halloween event?
Best story ive heard all year. keep it up ^w^
Click me plz
i hate cliffhangers. BTW, Niet, some if ur other stories give me a forbidden screen.
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Møm's AvatarMøm
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I am no critic but I truly enjoyed the story
Created by Bryianna88
DarkTempest's AvatarDarkTempest
DarkTempest's Avatar
I haven't been able to find a story nor book that has made me feel this way. I thank you for it. :) I normally release te pokemon I catch in the fishing hut. I do it just for fun to see the water pokemon variations.


Allister291's AvatarAllister291
Allister291's Avatar
Well I offically hate catching pokemon now. *Catches 3rd shiny eevee* What?
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Pablo1245's AvatarPablo1245
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that was....beautiful
SoundWave777's AvatarSoundWave777
SoundWave777's Avatar
I wanna read what happens next D: Ahhh.
FireWolf1117's AvatarFireWolf1117
FireWolf1117's Avatar
I did not need to read this today. Not when I just lost a kitten, and all I can think about now are those poor little babies who might die all alone. :'( But this and all the other pieces I've read are definitely really good. You should consider writing a book. And I wouldn't mind if you let the villains win in the end. I'm a bit of an evil witch myself. ^.^
zestycat's Avatarzestycat
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QUOTE originally posted by Sempiternal

It's pretty well written and has a nice storyline to it. I just don't get why a trainer would use a Master Ball just to get a normal Pokemon ._. but yeah, otherwise, great story c:
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Pages: 123··· 89101112

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