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Injustice [oneshot]

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venøshawøtt's Avatarvenøshawøtt
venøshawøtt's Avatar
good job niet! 10/10
Project Furry's AvatarProject Furry
Project Furry's Avatar
I have never read something so heartwarming -so heartbreaking in my entire life. And that's saying something. Moon's care for family, personality, everything, drew me in. You managed to create and develop a substantial character who could be connected with and cared about in a short story. I felt the characters emotions, I could visualize what they were seeing. Niet, you astonish me. You have a degree in English it something? This was completely and utterly beautiful. I was in tears at the end. Keep writing - you have serious talent. My score 1-10? 777.
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By Dorgoat!
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Jayolu's AvatarJayolu
Jayolu's Avatar
nice story Reminds me of PMD my starter is riolu and my partner is vulpix
You've met with a terrible fate haven't you?
Snowstream123's AvatarSnowstream123
Snowstream123's Avatar
This is the best story I’ve read! Poor little Absols. What will they do without a mother? Why was that trainer wanting Silent Moon so bad he threw a Luxary ball?
PFP made my Moonstorm123
Loretta166's AvatarLoretta166
Loretta166's Avatar
this is so amazing i want to feed all the eevees berries
evequinn's Avatarevequinn
evequinn's Avatar
in my life i have never seen a better story. you are so increedibly amazing
Shadøw-Lilac's AvatarShadøw-Lilac
Shadøw-Lilac's Avatar
Wonderfull! 1000000\10 OwO
Jayolu's AvatarJayolu
Jayolu's Avatar
awesome oneshot
Nooo I must know more! This is so good Niet, you’re a great writer! :D
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MrMeenki968's AvatarMrMeenki968
MrMeenki968's Avatar
this is too sad me me to handle. see my tears. SEE MY TEARS
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Pages: 123··· 6789101112

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