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Injustice [oneshot]

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DeltaSystem's AvatarDeltaSystem
DeltaSystem's Avatar
Wow. Just wow. I have no words to describe this, it's simply amazing. The emotion, detail, and suspense- It's a piece of artwork, but with words.
~Delta 🪐
Made by HorrorGal13
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Your chaotic mess. Type Race Points: 0
Tabs by Esme Avatar made with this awsome picrew!
Lachesis's AvatarLachesis
Lachesis's Avatar
I love this. This is just amazing. Read the 4th time, but was still glued to the page.
sylviexists's Avatarsylviexists
sylviexists's Avatar
I love this story but I wish there was more in it
avatar by aquali (tysm <3) uhhh idk what to put
eternalelixer's Avatareternalelixer
eternalelixer's Avatar
*keyboard smash* This is a masterpiece it should be a psychical book *more keyboard smash* listen to backyard boy its a bop uvu it must be hard leaving your children behind after your mate was.. *happy but empathetic at the same time* I'm so pathetic x,d
i'm a bi mess! i'm.. cassgender? ig? idk ^^ currently hunting for a Melan Vulpix
hey! i'm eternalelixer. i get nervous around new people ^_^ pfp
Background from Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales F2U code by Gumshoe!
nuu the kids i need to know are the kids okay from the mightyens and did the trainer catch them too and then put them all in a box together?
help me grow it!! so cute!!! he is the best of bests! kings of kings!
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a Searine, bunbori, blophin and a(n) Ardik and a Sibex
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Banner created by LycanKai
powgal15's Avatarpowgal15
powgal15's Avatar
Wow, that was amazing. Good job Niet!
Pfp drawn by me!
Your quite a skilled writer you know
Blackoutt09's AvatarBlackoutt09
Blackoutt09's Avatar
I really like it. It is well written, suspenceful, full of emotions and has a less used point of veiw.
CinderGlaceon's AvatarCinderGlaceon
CinderGlaceon's Avatar
Hi! Is there going to be a oart two or no? I am soooooooooooo wondering.
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Pages: 123··· 121314151617

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