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new Clan()

Welcome to new Clan(), a clan for users interested in web development and web design coding. Just… as a whole. Of course, users are welcome regardless of their current level of experience. This clan is meant for users to share their creations with other users, receive feedback, find inspiration, and overall have fun while learning through interaction with other users. Before your introduction is posted, it's probably best to read through the first page of posts. Don't worry, they're not terribly long, but they do contain important information. They're just split up for the sake of organization.



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new Clan()

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• As a reminder of the PFQ Rules, no documents shared may take control away from a user or otherwise break any rules or laws. • Different users may be at different skill levels or specialize in different languages. For example, I have much more experience with CSS than with JavaScript, thus my JS may be a bit… sloppy. Keep these things in mind when interacting, though external feedback is still one of the best ways to help expand another's skills.
Duckbug's AvatarDuckbug
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There is no form to join, but instead we'd ask that you tell us a bit about yourself. However, just so we're super clear on which are introductory posts, please begin the post with the heading "Hello, World!" No particular information is required, though good points to include might be things like a nickname you'd prefer to go by, your past experience (if any; keep in mind that beginners are absolutely welcome), which language(s) you're most familiar with, or just generally anything else that you feel would be worth mentioning to the clan.
Duckbug's AvatarDuckbug
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Below are the current members. The primary focus of the clan is on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and due to PokéFarm's forums, BBCode. As such, languages listed may not necessarily be the extent of what one is familiar with. Click on a user's name to go to their introductory post.
Member Works with…
Duckbug HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, BBCode
Emberlynn CSS, BBCode
Niall CSS, BBCode
Miki CSS, BBCode
Hamster CSS, BBCode
Metal CSS, BBCode
Kaede HTML, CSS, BBCode
Avaritia HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BBCode
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BBCode
Wølfink CSS, BBCode
Rose CSS, BBCode
FuzzBear HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BBCode
Pika BBCode CSS
pixelpixies HTML, CSS, JavaScript
idek she confused me
Ganorith HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Popcorn JavaScript
Kitty CSS, JavaScript
Scribs BBCode, CSS
DëcäyïngBäbyDøll HTML, CSS, BBCode
sunne Java, BBCode
Dak HTML, BBCode
weasel HTML, BBCode
Mama Chicken CSS, BBCode
fictiøn CSS, BBCode
Midnight A LOT
Nebby HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Lua, BBCode
Pug HTML, Scratch
Skyfield a lot
Cele basically anything lol
Nephable C#, CSS, BBCode
pumpkin HTML, CSS, JavaScript
hmforall HTML, CSS, PHP
mycheek HTML, Python, C#, C, R, Swift
Kat C++

Niet has posted here a few times but hasn't actually said he's joining.
C'mon, you know you want to. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Duckbug's AvatarDuckbug
Duckbug's Avatar


Members can make a post as a directory to their projects. As such, this post essentially serves as a list of projects sorted by user. However, whether or not a personal directory post is made is entirely up to the user in question, and if they decide to create one it is also up to them to maintain it.
Duckbug's AvatarDuckbug
Duckbug's Avatar


This is where particularly interesting projects may be posted. I'm not sure if I'll decide to keep this, however… Seems kind of like it'd be putting certain members' work on a pedistal apart from others, but I'll keep it for now…
Duckbug's AvatarDuckbug
Duckbug's Avatar
//you never know when another post might come in handy
Duckbug's AvatarDuckbug
Duckbug's Avatar
//you never know when another post might come in handy
Duckbug's AvatarDuckbug
Duckbug's Avatar
//you never know when another post might come in handy
Duckbug's AvatarDuckbug
Duckbug's Avatar
//you never know when another post might come in handy

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