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Eriz's AvatarEriz
Eriz's Avatar
Personally, I thought the old melan Reshiram looked perfect! It was definitely one of my favorite melans. I'm not too big on the new design for it. Melan Zekrom caught me off guard because I just hatched one a couple of hours ago and then saw it changed. The new design is alright! Might have to grow on me a bit.
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I think if there was going to be an actually-black melan that stayed for once it should be reshiram! it just worked so well! so I'd like to agree with the disapointment there. the sprites themselves look good though
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abingy's Avatarabingy
abingy's Avatar
I've been excited for this batch since I'm hunting Zekrom, and while the melan Zekrom is my least favorite lol (not cause it's bad or anything, I just don't like reddish melans as much), I think this batch turned out great! I love the new Reshiram and black form Kyurem melans especially!
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Maddy360's AvatarMaddy360
Maddy360's Avatar
I find the new albino reshiram rather lackluster compared to the other recolors so far. Its near identical to the regular sprite. It would be nice if it had blue accent colors again, or just any additonal color to match with the other specials. Not having that extra accent color makes it feel less special, at least to me. I loved the old albino reshiram and thought it was perfect, so I'm a bit dissapointed. Otherwise I don't mind the new colors.
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Azelas's AvatarAzelas
Azelas's Avatar
As Reshiram is my favourite pokemon I was anxious about this update and.. urf. The new sprite as a whole is absolutely beautiful but the colour palette on the new albino is... disappointing. I loved the original washed out blue and rose??pink it was orginally. The melan is hit or miss for me too... If the base colour was a bit more shifted into blue or even purple it might feel a bit smoother but otherwise not a fan of the green. I do hope they revisit the colours even though they've just been redone. -sigh-
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Shinekiara's AvatarShinekiara
Shinekiara's Avatar
I am saving up to hopefully melan hunt Reshiram one day as it is my favorite legend. I looked up the albino and melan and they were so cool. Now with the new albino it seems to be only a bit different from the regular one :( The red/pink it was before stands out better on a white pokemon in my opinion. And i really miss the cool black on the melan i loved so much (it looks a little matted now). I do love the blue rings still, blue is my favorite color. I will still try to hunt it one day but now i am less excited to do so (aside from my usual bad luck) Sorry if i sound negative, i do not feel so well lately.
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Gallevoir's AvatarGallevoir
Gallevoir's Avatar
With the extreme whiteness and blackness respectively of Reshiram and Zekrom, making albino colors for one and melan colors for the other without them just looking like their regular selves was always gonna be tricky. With that in mind, Reshiram's specials are the best of the bunch, with that melan scratching my very specific 'Zekrom-colored-Reshiram melan' itch. Zekrom's specials, I'm not as keen on. Accepting that the regular is dark so the albino's gonna be dark, I'm wondering if the albino couldn't be a skidge lighter? Not drastically so, by about 10% maybe. Though that would probably affect the luminosity of the melan, that may end up being to its benefit by making the color slightly richer. Demonstration below:
Kyurem's new design is good logistically, but I'm not sure how well the deep green suits the melan. Perhaps tweaking the albino to more of a blue shade, ice-colors, would shift the melan accordingly in such a way that it's still distinct from its peers, coloration-wise.
But those are just my two cents, of course. Hope the Gen 6 revamps go smoothly, with minimal fuss!
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PlasmaStorm's AvatarPlasmaStorm
PlasmaStorm's Avatar
Is there a reason why albino reshiram is so, bleached white? Compared to other white-ish pokemon like Swanna/Vanillux line? I feel like some tint/colour introduction would be nice to balance out the harshness of the albino colours.
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MossDragon's AvatarMossDragon
MossDragon's Avatar
While I understand the criticism of Albino Reshiram, there is yellow tint on the Albino even though regular Reshiram is white white and they've added color on Albino's unshaded colors, something Vanillux line doesn't have on white parts, both on regular and Albino, both lack saturation value while Albino Reshiram has saturation (reg. Reshiram doesn't have it). Vanillux appears colored due to colored shading and blue/pink bits, but the white parts are completely white, both on regular and Albino. (Comparing Vanillux line only because it's a very recent update and more in line with what I believe artists have been sticking to now that they've warmed up with what they're going for) I am lowkey sad that Albino Reshiram doesn't have more red/pink tint rather than yellow, but tbh it has grown on me now that I've given it a bit time, wouldn't mind if its eye was just a bit stronger red color. I understand that there's no other way for Melan Reshiram to look like (maybe a couple shades darker wouldn't hurt? ;-;), but I do miss tail rings not having a much bolder color, this pale blue color kinda blends with the darkness of the body and wish it stood out more x3 The whole new sprite for Zekrom was an unexpected surprise, but I love it, it's so sleek, I adore it! Thank you art staff for putting so much effort into this sprite! <3 Albino and Melan colors are also great! I like the current Albino, but I also wouldn't be opposed to it going up a couple of shades like Gallevoir suggested and Melan is great, I was very indifferent towards old Melan sprite so anything that's not overly muddy is a good upgrade imo ^^' (wouldn't mind if it was more towards purer red or even magenta/purple, but this is just nitpicking at this point just bc it's one of my top fave mons jshskhs either way I still like current Melan, great job on picking colors!) As for Kyurem, I second what Gallevoir said, logistically Melan Kyurem is good but like the same problem I've had with Cobalion, it just doesn't suit it imo (again my bias against brown Melans is showing). The Albino is really neat, in love with the Albino though! Edit: Forgot to add, despite what I've said, those Melan colors fit very nicely with Black and White Kyurem, wish I could see it like that with non fused Kyurem ;A; Despite that mile long ramble, I am happy with how Gen 5 revamp went, there were some incredible glow-ups with some Pokemon and I'm looking forward to Gen 6! Thank you art staff for all the hard work and still keeping it up despite all the critique and comments we have for new sprites ^^'
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The old melan Victini was so gorgeous and I wanted it and the mega so badddd… now I have a bunch of stuff and a user with a current chain to help me melan hunt it but I’m not excited about it anymore. The dark green is not very pleasing to the eye. Even if it got darker blue so it wasn’t so neon I think it would look better but that blue was GORGEOUS and I miss it ;-;
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