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QUOTE originally posted by arbor

Am I the only one who absolutely cannot tell a single difference between the old and new normal sprites??? I feel like I’m going insane and everyone’s in on some prank on me, I’ve zoomed in so far and stared at the chart in the announcement for so long and I can’t see anything? This is what I’m looking at, screenshot from announcement
Here is what I see, snivy and tepig aren't different but oshawott is visibly color changed and more 'scrungled'. Although I am on my phone and the cache takes a while to update... did they replace the sprites on site, yet still link the old URL?
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I just went and looked again and the sprites are clearly different now! Won’t burden everyone with another screenshot lol. Not sure if they updated the post, because looking now, both columns had the “new” sprites when I was looking earlier. Could have also been my phone.
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Its a bit blurry but here's a close-up!
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Oh I see it now, thank you Shazi for the update! ..I thought something was weird about Snivy... they gave that snake eyeliner... 🥲
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Sorry for the confusion with the old vs new sprites. I tried something and it didn't work but I have updated the first post with the actual old sprites now so you should actually see the difference, Niet has also made a handy zoomed in version for you to hover and flip between them
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I got caught up in the normal sprites and forgot to comment on the specials. I like the new melans except the Oshawott line which is sad bc it’s my favorite starter. It looks swampy to me idk how else to describe it. I really like Emboar though and Serperior as well. I also do like the albino Oshawott line, I just think the muted green and purple together on the melan are kind of strange.
melan serperior and melan emboar look absolutely incredible and i'm extremely happy that i already owned a melan emboar before this. i don't really like the oshawott line's updates, but melan emboar and serperior more than make up for it in my opinion. but for shiny emboar's updates... i think you guys may have gotten the colors wrong?

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canon shiny emboar isn't that yellow, it's that same copper shade, and although the black is a warmer tone in canon, it's not a full-on brown. sure these changes do make it more in-line with tepig's shiny, but this being a deliberate change feels arbitrary.
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Blue albinos make me happy!! Loving the albino Lillipup and Purrloin lines =)
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screaming im melan liepard’s biggest fan it looks so good
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I love the new purrloin and liepard sprites so much aaa, im so happy cuz i always thought the og sprites needed shading

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