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LadyElemental's AvatarLadyElemental
LadyElemental's Avatar
The new sprites are very cute and Goomy is less just a "big boy", but more cute; Sliggo is adorable and looks angry now, that its mouth isn't open and its slanted eyes. I like the added detailed and lining on the sprites a lot as well, it makes things clearer, particularly Goodra's eyes. The slime/goop on its chin and arms as well, are nice and more clear.
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matecocido's Avatarmatecocido
matecocido's Avatar
baby albino goodra gets on my list. I. Love. It. the melan is SO much better? I love the new sprites they are amazing guys.
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Mirica199's AvatarMirica199
Mirica199's Avatar
Mega Goodra looks so good! Love the snail theme and how it gets more slimy
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Zetres's AvatarZetres
Zetres's Avatar
Considering that I just finished my first shiny/albino hunt for goomy... I'm a little bit peeved. I wanted a shiny goomy so I could admire that perfect creamy boi, but now he's been turned into a husk of his former cuteness. He's the slime enemy in an eerily themed mmo area that turns into mush and has 5hp. He's not the cute little blop of pudding that I would put on my spoon. I see everyone saying they like it so I'm guessing this won't matter much, but this really couldn't have come at a worse time considering I just hatched my first shiny today >.> (I should mention I like all the other sprite changes and the mega evolution is a pretty neat idea, I just can't stand the new goomy)
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Justice for the old goomy sprite
Mirica199's AvatarMirica199
Mirica199's Avatar
Congrats on the Shiny Goomy either way!
LadyElemental's AvatarLadyElemental
LadyElemental's Avatar
Now that I look at the comparisons again, I'm kinda sad I'm losing crystal goomy, sliggo, and goodra, but I still like the albinos. And I do adore the melans. It'll be staying on my melan hunt list.
murfijs's Avatarmurfijs
murfijs's Avatar
the new mega is SOO CUTE!UWU
Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
I love love love the new goomy line re-vamp! sooooo good :D The new melan colors really scream goopy dragon to me <3
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AudreyC27's AvatarAudreyC27
AudreyC27's Avatar
Has anyone said this? No? Okay, SMOL PRECIOUS BEAN ;aa;
Bubble07's AvatarBubble07
Bubble07's Avatar
The revamp makes me want to jump right back into a Goomy hunt bc AAAAA such pretty colours!! Especially the melan, I love love LOVE the change in colour pallette! The previous melan was cool, but I didn't like how the yellow just seemed to disappear in the Final evo? Like where did it go? This pallete strays from the neons that seem to perpetuate melanistic colour pallettes and really improved the sprite, in my opinion. It looks like some sort of moss dragon you'd encounter in an ancient forest or something. Ah, Crystal albino is gone. That does make me a lil sad, but I do like the new softer colours! I'm not one to go "consistency is key!" but the albino is more accurate to what leucism is and matches the regular dragoo really well if that makes sense.

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