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QUOTE originally posted by JUSTICEBEETLE

ok this is awesome
Gummy worm... :)
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Zerxus's AvatarZerxus
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sugarcoatl... twin beam evo... needless to say I am in love
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Honestly the wormsnake is so cute. i also peeked at the specials and like. wow. really sick
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I am angry with art staff/j... How dare they make something so gosh darn cute?
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impish.sei's Avatarimpish.sei
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gummy snake! gummy snake! i'm gonna get one and name them caduceus
Lostlorn's AvatarLostlorn
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Really like the palettes on these gummy wyrms.
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With Iron Valiant and now gummy snake, the trans
plus the Hawlucha resprite if that counts
community has a lot of albino rep this month!
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ohmygod it's adorable- the colours that have been discovered so far are great, with the gummyworm rocketpop vibes of the normals and the soft pastels of the albino, this is one exclusive where i genuinely can't wait to see the melan <3
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SlitherCain's AvatarSlitherCain
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Aw geez both sets of Fakemon this season are bangers and neither were what I was expecting. The one I thought was a bug type because of the "eyes" was a water type and the one I thought was perhaps a flying type based on an exotic bird due to its coloration is a pair of twin snakes (which tbh I thought was a dragon type until I went to someone's profile to see poison). For sure going to hunt both sometime down the road.
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PrincessRoxie's AvatarPrincessRoxie
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I ADORE Sugarcoatl... I'd really love to see the concept art for it, I'm really curious if there was any specific inspiration for it? I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it because it's not for kids, but let's just say there is a story with two characters who are STRIKINGLY similar in concept to Sugarcoatl, and I wonder if that was intentional or not.
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