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Hot dang, the melan ironmons. So glad to see bright bold colours in melans, rather than the duller colours which aren't as much to my taste. I'm so glad that the theme of each ironmon having its "higlight" colour was kept from the shinies, and I hope this theme continues in the melans yet to be discovered! I do personally think that the greenish grey colour doesn't look quite as good on melan Moth as it does on melan Valiant, but if the same colour has to be used for all the melan ironmons, then I understand. EDIT: Trans flag albino Valiant? I'm literally obsessed. Huge kudos.
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Mirica199's AvatarMirica199
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briefly scrolling oh the Albino and Melan Iron Valliants look so pretty
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Shirarisun's AvatarShirarisun
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aaaaaaaaaand now i'll have to hunt ralts again when i'm done with this hunt, iron valiant is so goated
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Enbees's AvatarEnbees
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I wasn't interested in melan ralts before but oh my goodness, Iron Valiant is GORGEOUS! Top notch melan right there! What I wouldn't give for melans to keep heading in that direction!!
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I am LOVING that the Iron paradoxes are an excuse to have the dark & neon melans back ♥ Such a treat!
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EstherGamer's AvatarEstherGamer
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I saw the Iron Valiant sprite and I am in love with it It's making me annoyed about not having the credits for a data volume yet, which I was already annoyed about because I have an Iron Valiant character who I need to represent here!
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impish.sei's Avatarimpish.sei
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platytank is a u n i t and i love i probably never would have thought of a - what looks to me like - platypus/cat fusion but i adore it edit: correction, it's a fox/platypus hybrid and i LOVE IT EVEN MORE
Shirarisun's AvatarShirarisun
Shirarisun's Avatar
[doofenschmirtz evil incorporated theme] Finally! With the power of this Übercharm, my new greatest invention is complete! Behold! The Melan-inator! One blast of this ray will turn any boring old normal Pokémon into a melanistic Pokémon! I'll be the richest PokéFarmer in the tri-state area! [suddenly, a pokeball is thrown through the window. dr. doofenschmirtz approaches it, and a platytank is released from it.] ...A Platytank? [the platytank puts on a hat.] PERRY THE PLATYTANK!?
I'm giggling so hard at Platytank - it's like someone stuck a Psyduck, Noibat, and Bibarel in some sort of hybrid maker xDDD It's glorious and I love it Also, is the little yellow thing kinda at the neck a bell?
Arretrea's AvatarArretrea
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QUOTE originally posted by Alchemist's Fire

Also, is the little yellow thing kinda at the neck a bell?
Looking at the concept art in the discord wiki-discussion channel right now, and I'm gonna say my guess is a big yes to those being bells. E: Here's the image mentioned, props to IceBunn for the great creature :D

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