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I figured tauros would be changed eventually, this is probably the best case scenario for the melan update (to me at least) tbh. will miss the cool gold but u know I love blue melans lol 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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Fated's AvatarFated
Fated's Avatar
I think the new albino looks ten times better. Melans don’t really matter to me because I don’t hunt them, but the horns on the old melan were amazing. I will say I’m a bit sad the shiny colors got muted as much as they did, I loved the bright contrast of the old one.
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A bit sad the Kanto Tauros shiny colours got muted, but I LOVE the albino and melan 💙💜
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Mikkü's AvatarMikkü
Mikkü's Avatar
The shiny colors are updated according to the latest pokemon in game sprites so it's to be expected, the changes aren't on the team here but on pokemon overall It looks much better imho i really prefer these colors to the old one and it's actually made its way to my hunt list because of these changes, I'm pretty excited
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Spearow's AvatarSpearow
Spearow's Avatar
The new mega looks amazing
Loey Like's AvatarLoey Like
Loey Like's Avatar
The rock fish line just keeps getting better with this update! All of them are really beautiful. I'm longing for the day we have a new megastone and the colors match Goldesem [crossing fingers for maybe one day] xx
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I totally forgot to post about how much I LOVE the Sharkoal Mega Q! Now I wanna hunt the bitey fishies even more!! Also, I'm still in love with the Wiglett (noodle!) and Tatsugiri sprites ♥ So glad I'm on the water TR team this month!
SulphurWolf's AvatarSulphurWolf
SulphurWolf's Avatar
I honestly love the Litten sprite and I know you guys put alot of work into it but would it be possible to shrink the forehead just a bit? I kinda made an edit already that just removes a couple pixels above it's eyes.. I filed a request in regards to my edit already.. My edit has the paw.. I know you guys are busy with the new sprites and I thank you for at least reading my comment.. Permission to use the image has been given to me by SHAZI
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Gallevoir's AvatarGallevoir
Gallevoir's Avatar
Oh, that's cute! Gimmighoul has different designs for different boxes! I never would've thought of that. please don't tell me that we need all twelve box design variants for Dex completion or something
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scavengers's Avatarscavengers
scavengers's Avatar
as far as i can tell you only need base ghimmighoul forme, don't even think you need any box forme for the full dex! i am really loving all the different formes tho, the attention to detail is super super cute !! (dreading getting all the image codes tho /lh)
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