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QUOTE originally posted by pixelkitty

The final evo was definitely worth the wait, but I'm excited for the shiny/albino reveals - and also desperately wishing that that unhappiness item suggestion got accepted :')
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QUOTE originally posted by Firestar

Eep! I didn't even realize! That's awesome :)
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Aww, was hopping to be the first one to post the regular one, but I,m not that surprise to be snaped because of the time that I took to got&hatch the egg xD Purrpa look quite big for what it is. Here some size comparasion with others puppa. I'm not complaining tho, it's more to love <3 SO FLUFFY The shiny line is not that different on the base pokemon, but I love it? And the orange touch on the first evolution haaa. I love them.
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that final evo is adorable and i need 20
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In case anyone missed 'em, Kutani finally evolved her melan cosmog~ In my personal opinion, I'm not a very big fan of the overly-dark green here on Solgaleo, but Lunala looks kinda eerie and zombie-esque with its colour scheme. What does everyone else think?
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I like Lunala but.. something still seems too strange for me. Maybe that green.. Really looks like zombie-bat ahahaha!! But definitely I don't like Solgaleo's green, it looks like swamp moss or something alike. Anyway they all seem fine, just fine. And congrats to Kutani!
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I personally love the dark green on Solgaleo, but that pink/purple and the red color do not go very well with it though. Maybe yellow would be better? Something to compliment the dark green (or emerald??) color. Lunala I'm kind of on and off about. The coloration is rather odd, but I don't hate it.
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Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
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I would rather steal someone melan ghost cosmog than hunting it since knowing my luck, I would never be able to hatch a melan female cosmog. But if I could at least dex trade this beauty of lunala, I would be very happy. But I feel so greedy because of my croaket hunt xD I'm only a fan of the cosmog and Lunala melan color, I don't like at all the color sheme on the others member of his line. I'm more a fan of gummy-like green color
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, but since lunala represents the moon, this darker green fits her so much. I love her glowing yellow eyes too!
pixelkitty's Avatarpixelkitty
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I honestly love Lunala, but the brown on Solgaleo is really gross to me. I'd love for a more blue color, or perhaps a change in green for a more purple color as an accent.
Maybe just change Solgaleo's red spots to yellow like on the Lunala? Also Solgaleo's tail looks like a cut-in-half Avocado. Thats what I saw the first time and I cant stop seeing it. Also really diggin' the greens on Cosmoem and Lunala. Feels fitting to me, for some reason.
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