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MCA - Mass Click Association [Open!]

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MéøwthËgg's AvatarMéøwthËgg
MéøwthËgg's Avatar
Hey everyone! I'm MeowthEgg but you can call me Hawthorne or Thorne. I have ~3k Pokemon in my fields currently. All berry fields are sorted & stacked, the rest of my fields are not. Sometimes my fields may be unstacked for a short time until I go to align them (when I get Pokemon from the shelter for example). My party always has 6 Pokemon eggs; except for when I'm shelter hunting or I've got a parent Pokemon for more XP. My Clicklist can be found here. I also click back those who click me and randomly click players, but feel free to PM me if you'd like to be on my list! I prefer S&S fields but I use this UserScript (and this custom CSS for when I'm on my phone) so field organization isn't a big deal. I try to shoot for 5k+ clicks a day for my Egg Timer and Albino Radar. I usually go over unless I'm busy. If I don't click you back before the reset, please let me know in a PM! I've only gotten Pokerus twice and don't really hunt for it except during Type Races.
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Shazi's AvatarShazi
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Mass Click Association

Welcome New Members

Hi everyone and sorry for the lack of updates! Just a heads up that application processing has been a bit on the slow side, Garthic is settling in with his new wife (if you didn't know already, it's Sei), Suriya has been ill and in and out of hospital and I have been dealing with my Partner having an injury after a sporting accident. As you can guess, life got a bit crazy Having said that, please try and keep send your posts to me since I am the least busy of us all (I say while I juggle moderating and art on top of life stuff lol) Anyway Happy Clicking everyone! Look out for a clicking event in the near future, I have some plans I am putting together :3
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t0asssty's Avatart0asssty
t0asssty's Avatar
Hello ~ :3 I'm t0asssty and a socally awkward bean with currently around 1,300+ Pokemon in my fields. I'm primarily Shiny hunting atm and have a lot of time, so I'm going to click a lot. (If I'm not too lazy uvu) Most of my fields are S+S and I'm only going to click S+S fields. Unsorted fields apparently annoy me.... IDK I don't really have a massclick list that I click regulary, but I have some people on my VIP list I click a lot if I want to hatch a lot of eggs in a short time, like when Shazi's magic allows me to adopt TONS of eggs from the Shelter :3 If you want to be on that list, just send me a PM (and make sure your fields are S+S please ovo) Uhm.. I guess that's everything xD Just PM me if there's anything you want to know :3
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Érable's AvatarÉrable
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QUOTE originally posted by Érable

Username Change
Hiya, just want to inform the clan owners that my username has been changed from Sugita so that it may be updated at your earliest convenience. ^~^ I have updated my post so there are no broken images and information is slightly more correct.

free use template by érable
Just in case it was overlooked. So that the link can work again one day XD
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Mrs Rodrigo's AvatarMrs Rodrigo
Mrs Rodrigo's Avatar

Hello all! :)

About Me My name is Brandi, although Mrs Rodrigo or some kind of combo of the two is alright with me as well! I'm a mom who been playing Pokemon and online games for what seems like forever. Clicking Habits I click at least 1k a day, usually more in the 2-5k range. I currently have no click list or anything like that so I'm looking for those who would be intereted in getting on my list/putting me on theirs - either would be appreciated! My Fields My fields are stacked, but each stack is sorted. -_- I have mutliple stacks in every field. I am always re-arranging - however I always do my best to keep visible fields easy to click. Other Info My skins stack anyway - so I'm not particular how you stack your fields. I do my best to be as active as possible during any kind of event, especially click events. Due to working full time and not having an absolute set schedule - sometimes I click more than others.

Current Pokemon Count 1,209 Pokémon With ~1k visable and clickable!
Please PM for click list inquires.

Click List

~No one yet

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wasabï's Avatarwasabï
wasabï's Avatar
Ahoy! The name's Babydoll! :D I'm pathetically addicted to pfq so I'm online daily from 13:00 - 03:00
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. I'm a very avid rus hunter!
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Preferences; Sorted fields. The CSS for my skin auto stacks, therefore as long as your fields are berry SORTED, then I'll gladly click you! Amount; ~ Any Any amount of pokemon is fine, though my clicklist is mostly 2.5k-5k, I'll gladly click whatever amount you have!


If you'd like to be added and/or you rus hunt alot PM me, and I'll add you!
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Mass Clicklist
Status; Stacked+Sorted My fields are mostly stacked and sorted, until the end where it's just all my naive's, but those aren't stacked. Amount; ~2,500 I currently have roughly 2,500 pokes in my fields. The number is growing significantly every day so check back often!
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Shinobi's AvatarShinobi
Shinobi's Avatar
Hello everyone, and thanks for letting me join! I currently have ~1,700 sorted Pokemon in my fields. I'm working towards having a living Eevee Dex (normal, shiny, albino, & melan). Takes a little while to do.
eclipsedmoon's Avatareclipsedmoon
eclipsedmoon's Avatar
Hey guys! I just joined and I'm very excited to be a part of this clan!

About Me

I have roughly 2400+ mostly stacked and sorted fields (the 10-15ish at the end are just stacked) and my number generally stays around that many since I often release extra hunt pokemon unless I need some to level up my wishforge badges! I'm currently aiming towards Arceus rank and only have 2 pokedexes and about 5 eggdexes left so I'm very excited for that! I also have a ponyta chain currently on pause so I have a ton of extras so if anyone would like them, or hoards them let me know and I can send some over if you'd like ^.^

Click List

I don't currently have a specific click list, as I generally am trying to chase rus, but if you'd like to be added to mine and have about 1.5-5k pokemon in your fields I'd love to add you, just pm me :) 1.5-3k 13abydoll


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cheeeeeeeww's Avatarcheeeeeeeww
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how im join?
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Shazi's AvatarShazi
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QUOTE originally posted by cheeeeeeeww

how im join?
all the information you need should be in the first post on this thread :3 be sure to read it through carefully

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