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SCA - Shiny Collectors Association (Open!)

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Shiny Collectors Association (SCA)

A Clan for shiny and summon collectors alike! The premise is left intentionally up for interpetations as this Clan is very loose-form and open to all forms of 'collector'.

Join the Sister Clan as well! Mass Click Association

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Clan Owners

PFQ Rules apply...

PFQ's base rules apply. If you're unfamiliar with them, you can find them here!

Respect others...

Disrespect will not be tolerated from anyone, regardless of their position within this clan. If you have any issues, please report it to someone on the "Staff List"
The password is 'soggy smashed muffins!'
. If you have any issue with a member of the clan staff, please report it to one of the clan owners.

Don't SPAM...

We know this is already covered in the "PFQ Rules apply"-section but seeing as we have a 'no tolerance'-policy for it, it's re-stated just to be clear!

Journal Post...

We provide a basic suggested template that is free to use right here. You can edit their colours, so long as they remain legible. This means that the Legibility Guidelines should be followed.

Sign up!

If you wish to sign up to this clan, please use the form below and post it on the thread~ Your name will be added to the listing and the post will be deleted -- but you're a member now! Username: Journal post for clan: -provide link- Password: Not your login password! Please note that there is no 'wrong' way to be a member of the Clan -- "collector" is open to interpretation!
We also have a Discord chat that we use between the SCA and the MCA and PFQ Click Group. Feel free to click here and join us once you're a member! :D


Joint Hunts
As you know many people do joint hunts together. The SCA is all about it and think we are the perfect place for you to organise joint hunts with fellow members! UPDATE: we now have a spreadsheet for everyone to keep track of joint hunts


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Adding the lot of ya. So you're aware, this thread is free for discussing all of your pokemon/shiny/albino/melan/summon-related wants. Discussion of prices is fine ( just don't go forcing a price on anyone - there is no "right price" :p ). edit: Posts deleted, everyone added. :D
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so ill get this conversation started how much do you guys thing an shiny/albino unown should cost? (wanting opinions)
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Personally I value them as any other 10k ehp since they can be bred relatively easily compared to other genderless. Id maybe pay 300gp or 150zc at most if I could help it
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ãruktai's Avatarãruktai
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Yeah I'd have them as the regular 10k EHP value (I go for about 150ZC/300GP/300K₢) but then put a small fee on top since they're genderless. They're also not very common on PFQ at the moment, so start with the base price and if interest is lacking perhaps throw a small discount in or a bundle deal
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GeorgieKun13's AvatarGeorgieKun13
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Unown is genderless and has a high EPH. I also rarely see them being hunted/sold. So I would say about 300 GP, maybe.
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Any gem but normal/fire/faerie/psychic- prefer steel
fire deltas
All boxes
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Members added and posts deleted~ Personally I don't feel as though there should be fees added to prices. A price should be a price listed as you wanted -- not listed as one thing +a fee. Seems silly to me.
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Though it may be easier to call it a "fee," I guess, as it may help for math purposes for some people. Yeah, I think around 300 gp/150 zc is a fair price. I'd personally buy one for that much.
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Would you guys really pay 150zc for it? If it gets sold for 300GP, you're better of finding someone to convert your zc to gp. As the usual rate is 1:5, you'll only have to pay 60 zophan. :) This is why I never understand such high zc prices for shinies, I don't feel like many people buy them with zc (and if you did, you're only making yourself poor tbh :p)
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