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Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
The top row of my badges on my trainer card is all Wishalloy finally! Planning on doing dragon next, then ghost/steel with Honedge/Togedemaru and then Woobat or Ralts.
Shop<>Journal Collecting: 500k credits / 500 GP / 100 ZC / Other (*Paused) ~Weirdo~ Image: X
Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
My inconsistent art for Inktober 2019

Day 1-10

Inktober Day 1

Title: "The Ringmaster" Prompt: Ring

Inktober Day 2

Title: "Mindless Walk" Prompt: Mindless

Inktober Day 3

Title: "Brain's Bait" Prompt: Bait

Inktober Day 4

Title: "Fros’lad’ Todoroki" Prompt: Freeze

Inktober Day 5

Title: "Engineer" Prompt: Build

Inktober Day 6*

Title: "Husk y" Prompt: Husky Blood/gore involved, privately entered through PM.

Inktober Day 7

Title: "Colors" Prompt: Enchanted Color fairy enchanting and coloring the forest.

Inktober Day 8

Title: "Might" Prompt: Frail

Inktober Day 9

Title: "When Push Comes To Shove"... Prompt: Swing ...I will send a fully armed BATTALION TO REMIND YOU OF MY LOVE! (Characters are from BNHA and the lines are inspired by Hamilton xD

Inktober Day 10

Title: "Heartbeat" Prompt: Pattern

Day 11-20

Inktober Day 11

Title: "Snowglobe" Prompt: Snow

Inktober Day 12

Title: "Comfort" Prompt: Dragon

Inktober Day 13*

Title: "Phoenix From Ash" Prompt: Ash *This is a bit late, I posted it on IG and forgot to edit it in here ^^;

Inktober Day 14

Title: "Grapevine" Prompt: Overgrown

Inktober Day 15

Title: "Yuumi" Prompt: Legend Yuumi from League of Legends.

Inktober Day 16

Title: "Wild Wild Cat" Prompt: Wild Mandalay from BNHA.

Inktober Day 17

Title: "Ornament" Prompt: Ornament

Inktober Day 18

Title: "Normal" Prompt: Misfit Not really an art piece, but I didn't really have motivation or ideas for this one.

Inktober Day 19

Title: "Slingshot" Prompt: Sling Who needs a slingshot when you have your mouth and OFA? (Midoriya from BNHA)

Inktober Day 20

Title: "Cat Walk" Prompt: Tread This was so friggen scary to color because it was my first time doing a gradient and using tape o-o

Day 21-30

Inktober Day 21

Title: "Me" Prompt: Treasure Didn't have time to color, but hey. I don't like coloring and this basically represents me / my treasures so.

Inktober Day 22

Title: "One For All" Prompt: Ghost

Inktober Day 23*

Title: "The Exacalibur Sword" Prompt: Ancient Wanted to try the whiteboard and I only had black -w- *Did this early, since I won't have time the next day.

Inktober Day 24

Title: "Spinda" Prompt: Dizzy

Inktober Day 25

Title: "Soba" Prompt: Tasty Character is Present Mic from BNHA!

Inktober Day 26*

Title: N/A Prompt: Dark Blood/gore involved, privately entered through PM.

Inktober Day 27

Title: "Howarts" Prompt: Coat Coat of arms.

Inktober Day 28

Title: "Desert" Prompt: Ride

Inktober Day 29

Title: "Mummy Man" Prompt: Injured Eraserhead and Present Mic from BNHA! Everything smudged ;w;

Inktober Day 30

Title: "Shiny Bulba" Prompt: Catch

Inktober Day 31

Title: "Halloween Pumpkin" Prompt: Ripe
Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
Yet another Christmas wishlist. Secret Santa 2019! -Any currency
-Life Antlers
Life Antler
-Dragon, Steel, Ghost, or Psychic gems
Dragon, Steel, Ghost, Psychic
-Art! Any of these characters:


The wings can be any color gradient.


Drawn by aisuchi from here! Drawn by Paravoina from here! Drawn by bffjuju62. Drawn by paperclip! Drawn by Yukirona! Drawngin by Drocagen! Drawn by me! *Note the 'shell' is a Bulbasaur bulb :> Name/Nicknames: Charsaurtle, Char Species: Bulbasaur + Charmander + Squirtle fusion Personality: Loyal to friends and would fight for them. He is a bit edgy about his height (short), but that doesn't stop him from shooting out flames, water, or sharp leaf blades.


Will probably edit in a ref if I do an art of her. Ink Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur themed off of ink. Yeah that's it :> Surprise me!
-Valentine Gardevoir CS Happy holidays!

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