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Vivillon Breeders' Directory [Being Remade]

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This is a guide to which user has what Vivillon Pattern. This is designed for easy access to specific Vivillion patterns
How to Find Your Vivillion Pattern:
Adopt a Scatterbug Egg, Hatch it (NOTE: this part will determine what pattern you have), and evolve it all the way to Vivillion. Simple as that
Contribute To This Guide! Copy and Paste the form below
[b][u]Auracle! I'd like to contribute to your Guide![/u][/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Pattern:[/b] If unknown, post the display code of your most recent hatched Scatterbug so we san see its evolution [b]Are you willing to recieve PMs for a Scatterbug hatched by you?[/b] Note, if you say no, you will be added to the list, but your name will not be linked to prevent SPAM, and will be marked accordingly. [b]Any Trade Shops I should be aware of?[/b] If so, name any shop you own/co-own [b]Other[/b]

Important Notice for people who reported their Pattern as Meadow or suspects that their Pattern "changed" to Meadow

Please adopt a whole party of Scatterbug Eggs,
This is crucial, as the Pattern depends on the person who hatches the Egg
hatch them, and evolve them all the way. Once you do so, please post the results. If you think your Pattern changed to Meadow, I will not make the change until there is substantial evidence that you have a different Pattern than what you originally reported


  • All PFQ Rules apply
  • Any users who does not want to be PM'd about the obtaination of their Pattern are not linked to prevent SPAM. Please respect their wishes, please.
  • If you haven't found out your Pattern, that's okay. Post in the Pattern part of the Form the display code of your most recently Hatched Scatterbug, including the link to the Scatterbug.
  • Please post only your own pattern! If you want other people's patterns here, tell them about this thread, please!
  • If you own or co-own a shop at the time of application, you are required to provide a link. The only exception is when the link is in your signature or you let me know in the Other section that the link is in your About Me (I will check the validity, as my personal rule about the internet is that you only know as much about some one online as they let you). Despite having a few occurences of this, I feel this new rule should lessen the chances
  • If you changed something (be it your username, you do not need to repost the form. Just a simple sentence or two detailing the change is fine. Alternatively you may PM me regarding the change
  • Please fill out the entire form. The form is designed to gather the appropriate data as efficiently as possible. Even if you don't have a shop, you need to fill that in. The "Other" section of the form is exempt from this rule, as it's only there in case I miss anything
  • Because this is going to become a problem, Remember to let me know if anything's changed! Doesn't matter where, as long as you inform me that your Username's changed, you opened/closed any Trade Shops you have, etc., I will make the necessary changes, no form required! This saves me time with the changes, time I don't have going through each page seeing if any of this information changes. I hope you understand.

Patterns and Users

Vivillon PatternUsers
Unknown Pattern
High Plains
Icy Snow


By popcorn8784

Source for the sprites used are here



Awesome Users

Rosetta22 made this rather useful table for Vivillon collecting.If you want the code, you can go here

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Obstagoon's AvatarObstagoon
Obstagoon's Avatar
Auracle! I'd like to contribute to your Guide! Username: RyuokoWolf Pattern: Jungle Are you willing to recieve PMs for a Scatterbug hatched by you? Go for it Any Trade Shops I should be aware of? I'm in Back Alley Hoarders and Deep Grey - Redux Other
Avatar of my fursona, Samuel by Cloudtail
Added! Thank you for participating! ^-^
sunneliøn's Avatarsunneliøn
sunneliøn's Avatar
Auracle! I'd like to contribute to your Guide! Username: cursedasriel Pattern: Modern Are you willing to recieve PMs for a Scatterbug hatched by you? Yep!! Any Trade Shops I should be aware of? Nope~ Other: This is pretty neat!!
sunnelion ☀
freedom to all the light touches Code by ZICØ
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LoneShadøw's AvatarLoneShadøw
LoneShadøw's Avatar
Auracle! I'd like to contribute to your Guide! Username: LoneShadow Pattern: River Are you willing to recieve PMs for a Scatterbug hatched by you? I don't mind, I'll try to keep a few on hand for anyone that wants one. Any Trade Shops I should be aware of? Not really Other This is a nice idea.
Journal 🐾 Shop 🐾 Avatar Credit
Art by Animela
Remi380's AvatarRemi380
Remi380's Avatar
Auracle! I'd like to contribute to your Guide! Username: Remi380 Pattern: Elegant Are you willing to recieve PMs for a Scatterbug hatched by you? Yes Any Trade Shops I should be aware of?None Other That's a really great idea ^-^
Mystera's AvatarMystera
Mystera's Avatar
This seems like it should be a clan, not a guide... What should I put if I'm not currently accepting Vivillon requests but will in the future? I refuse to break my chain until a melan happens, but afterwards I do plan to hunt some confetti bugs.
My Shop ~ Journal The name is Mystera, not Mysteria. This is a reoccurring issue. (Avatar by CosmicDiamond; edited sprites in sig by me.)
Added Everyone! @Mystera This meant to be a guide for ease of access for folks who want to quickly find users who hatch Scatterbug who evolve into Vivillion of the desired pattern. Think of this thread as the Vivillion equivalent of this thread. As for what you should put down if you're not accepting Vivillion requests but will be in the future, I suggest you put down "Not right now, will post when I'm accepting Vivillion requests." This will be easier to update as needed
Babypoke's AvatarBabypoke
Babypoke's Avatar
Auracle! I'd like to contribute to your Guide! Username:Babypoke Pattern: Pokeball vivilliom Are you willing to recieve PMs for a Scatterbug hatched by you? Yes Any Trade Shops I should be aware of? Babypokes Stope shop Other
Hoarding appoc growlithes and Apocalyptic Arcanine My Avatar Made by bananalizard for my Use Thankyou so much also credit to pokefarm for the apocalyptic growlithe design<3 Made by Poly Bear for me.
Added! Thank you all for participating ^-^

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