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POLL: Would you be interested in more Alola-styled About Mes?

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Total votes: 227

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Niall's AvatarNiall
Niall's Avatar
Welcome to my new and improved freebie thread! Freebies are just that, free to use templates that I have made for you. There are three different kinds: Post Templates, About Mes, and Signatures. Depending on the situation, you'll wanna stock up! Check out the bottom of this post to find links to my journal, where you will find the codes to all of my freebie templates! Anyways, before you go about using my templates, I need you to read the rules! All users who use my templates, signatures, or About Mes are subject to these rules, so read carefully!

Freebie Rules

  1. All PFQ Rules apply. Do not SPAM in the thread, use obscene amounts of emojis or exclamation points, or be rude. Only use one template at a time.
  2. Do not use my templates incorrectly.

    Templates are not allowed in your signature. Templates are not allowed in your About Me.
    About Mes are not allowed in forum posts. About Mes are not allowed in your signature.
    Signatures are not allowed in your About Me. Signatures are not allowed in forum posts.

    If you use them incorrectly, I will report you to Staff.
  3. I do not take requests! Some people are very rude and beg me to make templates without mentioning the work I've put into them. Don't worry, I have plenty of great ideas on the way!
  4. Do not use my templates as bases for your own templates, especially in template shops. Studying is allowed, of course!
  5. Do not edit or cover the credits as listed on my templates.
  6. Please do not use other's templates in this thread.
  7. Don't feel afraid to post here! Compliments and critiques are always welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:

    I've found your templates below. Now, how do I use them?


    Super simple! All you need to do is find a template you like, then copy the coding, and paste into a text box in a new thread or a new post! Just remember to type your text inside of the styleclass tags!
  • Q:

    Is there a place on PFQ where I can save your templates for future use without having to copy/paste over and over?


    You're going to want to go here to the Template Editor. By clicking "Create New Template," you can paste one of my templates for future use!
  • Q:

    I've saved them at the place above. Now, how do I use them? Is there a button I can press?


    Now that you've saved a template, you'll need to look at the buttons underneath the text box where you post. You'll see these buttons: "Post", "Preview", and the third, "Insert template". Click the third button and you can access all of your saved templates!
  • Q:

    Where do I change my signature? Is it the same as adding a template for future use?


    First, you want to open the Farm page, then click Options and travel to the Forum tab. You can click the button underneath your avatar to add to your signature!
  • Q:

    Where is the button to change my About Me located on my profile page?


    You're going to want to click on your profile, which can be found by clicking on your username in the top left-hand corner of the screen, as well as numerous other places. Then click on the three bars located underneath your Trainer Card and click on Edit About Me... to change your About Me!
  • Q:

    Hey! Do you mind if I change up your coding on something? I don't like _________________.


    I apologise, but please leave the coding of my templates up to me. If you have a question or an issue, please, PM me and I will help you the best I can!
  • Q:

    Where can I learn to make my own templates? Or learn how to theme parts of templates like hide boxes and tables?


    You're going to want to check out the Guides section of the Forum! Plenty of guides can help you, including my guide to Styleclass!
  • Q:

    What program(s) do you use to make your templates? Do you offer a tutorial to make my own using the same program?


    I use GIMP to make my templates! Other users use other programs, but I just use GIMP. It's a pretty complicated program, but I've used it for many years so I'm used to it. Unfortunately, I do not provide support for GIMP... practice makes perfect!
Now that you've read all of the rules, feel free to check out what I've got!
  • Templates
  • Signatures
  • About Mes
  • Others
None yet, we're just starting out!

PokéDex About Me Project:

Thanks for visiting, I hope you liked what you saw! Feel free to comment with any critiques or thoughts that you have on my templates :)
Niall's AvatarNiall
Niall's Avatar
To celebrate Valentine's Day, I've made Red and Blue templates to share with your crush/best friend/significant other/etc! Both are in the style of Generation I and feature their Sun and Moon in-game Trainer artwork :) I'd love to know what you think!
These are great!
[ f r i e s ]
Niall's AvatarNiall
Niall's Avatar
I broke down and made another Valentine's template... whoops. Check out Klefki's Valentine in the first post! I found some really cute TCG artwork that I edited myself to make it transparent, and I like how it turned out, let me know what you think c:
skîmpyLîar's AvatarskîmpyLîar
skîmpyLîar's Avatar
I fell in love with the Klefki template, will be using in on a future auction, thank you! o:
art by temporal. avatar by aleator.
Niall's AvatarNiall
Niall's Avatar
I've made two new About Mes, in a series called the "PokéDex About Me Project". They are purely CSS and are designed to look like the PokéDex entries in the core series. Yellow and Crystal have been added so far (located in the "Other" tab), and I hope to have Emerald and Fire Red coming out soon, as I work on template shop orders as well. :) Let me know what you think, pretty please ! If you have questions, post them here or PM me!
anchali's Avataranchali
anchali's Avatar
Nice! Btw i gonna use a few templates if you dont mind :)
journaltrade shopfriendo Credits Template credit
Freebie by quinn, thread here.
Profile credit
Art made by Shinobu, thread here. Character design by Pandemonium, won from an auction!
Hiya, Niall! I do enjoy all of your templates, and I'd love to see the gen 6 version of the About Mes! Just a little comment, I do know you are workin' on them possibly- Also, I'd suggest opening requests for custom About Mes, if it is possible; unless you have it in your template shop!
Obstagoon's AvatarObstagoon
Obstagoon's Avatar
He doesnt do requests and you can order about me's in his shop
Avatar Official c NyxHydra ☆ Siggy art of my dog, Jessabelle by Stelmaria

QUOTE originally posted by RyuokoWolf

He doesnt do requests and you can order about me's in his shop
I know he doesn't do requests, I was just curious as to what the template would look like. But thank you for replying.

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