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Dragon Tail (Set-Up) [15+]

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Welcome to...the fine land of Fiore. Fairy Tail is causing chaos as usual...but there is more trouble abroad. Namely Zeref and Acnologia. Interested in joining a guild? Want to become a mage? Apply here! List your name (dur), magic, magical abilities, age, personality, a little about your history, age, gender, and all the other items on the form! No skimping out!


All the obvious. No OP characters without major flaws. They can be as old as Zeref but need a reason. I accept all, literally, ALL slayers. Even of 'none' elements. My main character is the Dragon Slayer of War and Chaos. Her flaw? Childishness. Plus some other stuff. Also, fill out the form please and think about how you fill them out. Give me something thorough. Oh and don't include other anime/movie/book references. This is a FAIRY TAIL RP. FAIRY TAIL ONLY. THIS IS NOT A CROSS-OVER RP. I might let you make up a guild, but that will need to be done via PMing. Certain magics or specific kinds of magics are banned. There will be no time-traveling kind of magic. Or rather where the user can time-travel and actually control it. They can enter via time-travel, but that's a little tricky to set-up. They can manipulate time like Ultear, but they cannot just jump from one time period to another nilly-willy. The One Magic is also banned due to .... certain flucuations on how it is seen. Some stories say it's love, others say it's just pure energy... blah blah blah. You can be a banished Celestial Spirit. Just note... you will have a limited lifespan. Leo/Loke lasted 3 years and had been/is/was the Zodiac leader, others will last shorter.... but time goes slowly in this RP simply due to the fact.... we have two posts a month. Password is...the names of all known dragon slayers.


Fairy Tail

Markarov - Laxus - Erza - 'Mystogan' - Mirajane - Gildarts - Natsu - Gray - Lucy - Evergreen - Bickslow Freed - Cana - Elfman - Lisanna - Levy - Jet - Droy - Macao - Wakaba - Alzack - Bisca - Romeo - Asuka - Wendy -

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Sting - Rogue - Minerva - Orga - Rufus - Dobengal -


[center][b]Name[/b]: [b]Title[/b]: [b]Gender[/b]: [b]Age[/b]: [b]Appearence[/b]: [b]Personality[/b]: [b]History[/b]: [b]Magic[/b]: [b]Magical Abilities[/b]: [b]Magical Limitations[/b] [b]Weapons[/b]: [b]Class[/b]: [b]Guild[/b]: [b]Team[/b]: [/center]
Name: (name of your character) Title: (do they have a title like how Natsu is known as the Salamander, and Erza as Titania?) Gender: Age: (how old are they? Both appearence, chronological, and mental age.) Appearence: (What do they look like? Hair, clothes, skin, eye color?) Personality: (how do they act? are they uptight, sweet, mean, ruthless?) History: (where did they come from? Are they self-taught, or were they tutored?) Magic: (name of their magic, such as Erza's Re-Equip, or Natsu's Fire Dragon Slaying Magic) Magical Abilities: (what abilities does their magic give them? Such as Natsu's heightened senses, or how Erza gets faster with her Flight Armor, and Jet can run ridiculously fast) Magical Limitations: (what they can't do with their magic. EX: Natsu can't turn sand to glass because his fire apparently isn't hot enough. At least in the beginning of the anime, nor after they return from Tenrou.) Weapons: (What weapons do they use? Or are they close combat? You can include their 'move' names as well such as Natsu's Fire Dragon's Roar or Fire Dragon's Iron Fist.) Class: (Are they E-A class, only able to take missions on the first floor mission board? Are they S-Class? SS-Class? Although they have to have a pretty good back story to be S or SS-Class.) Guild: (what guild are they affiliated with or want to join?) Team: (Are they part of a team? If so, which one? Or are they solo?)
RP link
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Accepted Characters



Name: Rusala Title: Dragon of Rage and War Gender: Female Age: physically: sixteen; actual: 385; mental: 16 Appearence: 5'6", dark purple hair that falls to her waist, dark purple eyes that occasionally change color according to her mood; she typically wears a simple black tank and either regular blue jean shorts or dark wash jeans; she has a decent sized bust (A-cup) and doesn't wear a bra. Ever. She is somewhat curvy, and her arm and legs muscles are well-defined. Her stomach is completely flat. Personality: she is brash, unforgiving, but kind to her (nonexistent) guildmates, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and hates bullies of any kind, she dislikes Sting Eucliffe for his cocky attitude; she rarely eats sweets, preferring meat, she likes ham and steak the best. In conversation she is blunt and truthful, never sparing others feelings. In battle, she often strategizes in the midst of battle, but otherwise opts for primarily brute strength. If there are hostages, she won't hesitate to kill them either. She doesn't really 'love' anything or anyone except maybe fighting. She idolizes the dragons, mostly Igneel and Metalicana outside of her father. She wants to create her own guild, but has been named 'too young' by the Magic Council. That infuriates her. She hates the Magic Council for this reason alone. She can be considered petty at times. History: born to Acnologia and Anna Heartfilia; Acnologia taught her Chaos Dragon Slaying magic making her a first generation dragon slayer, and she learnt some Celestial Key Magic. However, she never uses her Celestial Key Magic. She is both extremely old and extremely 'young' in the eyes of varying individuals. Acnologia feels she is ready to create her own guild; her now deceased mother was of the opposite opinion. The argument between the two drove Rusala wild, so she left. She began training out in the woods, for decades until Acnologia stopped by and told her, her mother was dead Magic: Chaos, War Dragon Slaying magic, Fire magic Magical Abilities: She can partially transform into a dragon at will; she can lit torches and set people's hair on fire, but she can't increase the strength to where it can melt stone or literally melt clothing; Chaos War Dragon Driving Fist; Chaos Dragon Roar, War Dragon Roar, War Dragon Wingbeat, Magic Limitations: With the exception of secret arts, she cannot shift from one dragon slaying magic to another; she is self-taught war-dragon-slaying magic; she tires out after about an hour to two of fighting; also both of her dragon-slaying magics are completely useless against Celestial Spirits. Weapons: close combat Class: S Guild: n/a Team: n/a


Homura Mukotsuki

Name: Homura Mukotsuki Title: None Gender: Female Age: 17 Appearence: At her full height, Homura stands at 4'7", though it's unlikely you'll get to see her at her full height because she's wheelchair-bound. She has shoulder-length reddish orange hair with red tips in the back, emerald green eyes, and somewhat pale skin. She wears a light blue t-shirt with dark blue sleeves and a yellow star on the front, regular blue jeans, and red sneakers with a while sole and laces. She always keeps a notepad and pencil in her pocket in case she has to write to communicate. Homura's other self, which she refers to as BFS, stands at 4'7", and has long reddish orange hair with red tips in the back, emerald green eyes with a concentric circle pattern in them, somewhat pale skin, and black mechanical legs with red wheels where her feet would be. She wears a short black jacket she keeps zipped up all the way with a white star on the back and on each sleeve, black fingerless gloves with red armor-like claws covering each of her fingers, and a red armored mask covering her mouth. Her weapon of choice, Cross Flame, initially appears to be just some kind of mechanical pack that she has strapped to her back with a conical nozzle on each corner. However, upon activation, each of the flamethrowers extend to their full size, attached to the central hub by a hose. Personality: Homura has a natural friendliness to her...though it may take longer to get to know her because she's mute. She's almost always genuinely smiling, though she has a neutral expression in some situations and most negative emotions only visibly affect her once they reach a certain point; once they do, her expression turns grim and depressed-looking, even if she's angry. Much like her weapon, BFS is not very subtle. She's incredibly expressive, though only her eyes are visible, and rather volatile and fiery, as well as quite impulsive when in combat. Outside of combat, she's only mildly composed, though she's prone to randomly strike things for no reason. History: Homura has been mute her entire life, having inherited it from her mother, though she started learning sign language from an early age, as well as how to write, using both methods to communicate, relying on writing if the other person doesn't understand sign language. Unfortunately, things would only get worse, as just hours after her 8th birthday, she wound up in an accident with an incoming vehicle and severed her spinal cord, paralyzing her from the waist down and leaving her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. About 2 years after, Homura started teaching herself Script Magic, turning her writing into something that could be more than just words on a page. Of course, she also made sure she could control it effectively, not that that was all that hard a task. However, what she didn't know was that a second type of magic was essentially training itself inside of her. She had awakened another being within her soul, and one day, it made its presence known. Nothing major, though. She'd just been resting her arms after they got tired from turning the wheels on her wheelchair and suddenly the wheelchair started seemingly moving on its own. After she got home that day, she got to meet this new being, learning through the link they had that the one who had appeared to her was another part of herself. For reasons Homura won't state, she gave her other self the nickname BFS, a name which hasn't been changed to this day. Magic: Script Magic, Split Soul Magical Abilities: Through the use of Script Magic, Homura can turn her writing into a weapon of sorts by causing it to unleash various effects. Script Magic can be used to attack, disable, or protect, all depending on what was written. Thanks to Split Soul, Homura has a second self, one much more suited for combat than she is. The two have an unbreakable mental link between each other, allowing them to communicate silently and from any distance. In addition, Homura is able to control BFS' existence by switching between 3 different states: "off", which makes it so BFS can't interact with the physical world at all, "muted", which allows BFS to interact with the physical world, but also makes it so she can't be seen, and "on", which allows her to interact with the physical world and doesn't turn her invisible. BFS also has a a couple somewhat magical abilities: she's able to control each flamethrower in a telepathic manner and can move and fire any of them at will, and she can solidify streams of fire from her flamethrowers to form fiery blades. Magical Limitations: Despite its versatility, Homura's Script Magic can't be used for mobility or healing purposes, and due to how she trained herself, it can't be used with anything except her notepad and pencil, meaning if those leave her hands for whatever reason, she has to rely on BFS to do the fighting for her. While she can control BFS' state of existence via Split Soul, Homura cannot control BFS' actions. If any of the hoses connecting Cross Flame's flamethrowers to the central pack are severed, BFS can no longer control that flamethrower. As such, if all four hoses are cut, then BFS is effectively defenseless, forcing her to rely on either Homura's Script Magic or her own claws. Weapons: Magic (Homura); Four flamethrowers, though she's also able to use the claws on her gloves in moments of desperation (BFS) Class: A Guild: Wants to join a Guild, but doesn't care which one she joins Team: None


Name: Jacqueline (Prefers going by Jacqui) Title: None Gender: Female Age: 7 Appearence: Jacqui is a small Exceed with white fur, pink ears, green eyes about the size of her mother's, and two whiskers on either side of her face. Her outfit changes on a fairly regular basis, but she usually wears a dark red top with dark green trim and her yellow Cait Shelter Guild Mark on the front, and a dark green skirt. Lastly, she has brown facepaint in the shape of what appears to be a pair of scythes crossed in a heart-like shape with jagged outer edges
I would've linked to just the image, but it's white with a transparent background, which automatically puts it on white, so it'd be impossible to see.
, and her Aera wings are about half the size of those of most Exceed. Personality: Just like her mother, Jacqui is very strict and serious most of the time, rarely showing emotions. She cares for Lali like a mother, but is also very aloof, turning her nose up at everyone else. Lastly, she speaks with quite a pronounced lisp, which might make her somewhat hard to understand at times. History: The year was X796. Wendy Marvell and her Exceed partner, Carla, had left Fairy Tail to make Cait Shelter a real Guild. Not long after its creation, Carla gave birth to Jacqueline, raising her in the Guild with the help of Erza Scarlet, who had transferred over to Cait Shelter to help out. When Jacqui was 3, she discovered a mage hiking up a mountain on her way to her job's objective. Wanting to help out, Jacqui offered to fly the mage, who she learned was named Citlali but preferred going by Lali, to her destination, which she happily accepted. After completing the job, Lali and the Exceed decided to team up for future jobs. Two years later, Jacqui learned a rather frightening fact: wendy and Carla were heading back to Fairy Tail. This left the young Exceed with two options: go with her mother to Fairy Tail and leave Lali behind, or stay where she was and remain with Lali and the rest of Cait Shelter. In the end, she decided it would be best to stay in Cait Shelter, continuing to do jobs with Lali, but now with Erza as the Guild Master. That is, until a portal opened up and sent the Exceed to a different version of Fiore. Magic: Aera, Max Speed, Precognition Magical Abilities: Being an Exceed, Jacqui has Aera by default, which allows her to use Magic Power to create a pair of angelic wings for herself that she can use to fly. While in flight, she is able to carry objects or people, though she can only carry one thing at a time, whether it's an item or a person. In addition, by expending additional Magic Power, she is able to increase her speed to an extreme; while using Max Speed, she's also able to carry a second person. Lastly, being the daughter of Carla, Jacqui inherited her Precognition ability, which randomly shows her visions of future events. Magical Limitations: In addition to all the normal limitations of Aera, Jacqui actually has fairly low Magic Power, which is the reason for her smaller Aera wings. In addition, her Precognition ability carries the same problem as Carla's, that being it can't be controlled at all. Weapons: None Class: B Guild: Cait Shelter (her universe) Team: Team Lali (her universe)


Catlina Stone

Name: Catalina Stone Title: Gender: Female Age: 11 Appearence: Catalina has brown eyes and short carmal hair, she has bangs that sweep over her right eye. She usually wears a white shirt with a brown jacket over it with cut off shorts. She wears sandals as well. Personality: Catalina is an adventurous, usually excited young girl. She can't wait until she is able to start going on quests and is reading about everything she needs to know to prepare. She hopes one day to be the most powerful wizard in the world and become an S class wizard. History: She lived a normal life in her village and decided she would join a guild. Magic: Requip (spacial and caster magic) Magical Abilities: She can requip into different armours to either get stronger or have more resistance. She currently has flight armour (increases speed) and peircing armour (energy blasts and light emmision) Magical Limitations: she is slow and can only hold some armours. Weapons: She doesn't fight yet, but when she does she wants a broadsword Class: n/a Guild: n/a Team: n/a


Bowen Marcos

Name: Bowen Marcos Title: Anima Gender: Male Age: 17 Appearence: Stands just over six feet and has some muscle tone Personality: Bowen is unsure of himself when it comes to being social, especially with large groups, though he can handle talking with a few people at a time. He is not used to high energy situations/ people and is more on the serious side of things. He has fun and can relax but he has a hard time with goofy people. He doesn't really like fighting for no reason and has knowledge on a variety of subjects both magic and non magical ones. He is a mostly calm person however he will freeze up when put as the center of attention (in front of a live audience). History: Bowen was born into a large family. The kind of family that values the members itself over anything. The kind where you are expected to never leave and always obey. The kind that disiplines those who don't follow expectations and differences and only allows new members in through marriage or adoption. The kind of family that the commuinity it's in is afraid of. There were children his age but they were too consumed with the way the family was and he found that he was unable to relate to them. Bowen would instead go to the town'd library and read books on all things, some more advanced than his age group and about the outside world, often in secret. The family didn't have many magic users however the ones that were had a higher responsibility and obligation to use magic to help the family, this was a secret kept from the children. So he kept both his love of the outside world and magic a secret. At age seven, Bowen's secrets got out. That same night he found out what he was going to be trained for and, no longer being able to live with his family and the job they would train him for, he ran away. He made it far enough to a place where no one would know his family name or recognize him. He was soon found by his teacher who taught him a lost magic that "only certain people could learn". Over the next ten years he stayed with him and mastered all he was taught, Bowen even changed his name to hide who he was. However, towards the end of his training his teacher became sick and would soon leave him. His last words to Bowen was a request, to join the first guild hall he entered. After his teacher's passing he set out to do just that. Magic: Aura Magic aka Spirit Magic Magical Abilities: Aura/ spirit magic is a lost magic. He has the ability to enhance his own physical atributes and senses up to a certain degree and can even create a small barrier around him like armor. He can trace people provided he has something which either was held by them or was connected to them either physcially or emotionally. He can launch powerful aura spheres that explode on impact and break them apart to cause an explosion. He can sense hidden objects and traps. The power he wields also allows him to tell a person intent and whether they are lying. He can use his magic on himself to make him stand out more or make himself hidden. He can focus his magic into a weapon to make it stronger or recreate the weapon from memory that won't break or dull. He can apply the same principle to wizards. Magical Limitations: The magic he uses is about his own soul's power (without using up his soul) forcing the magic power within him to do what he wants (hence the spirit name). Because of how he was trained to use this, his body is incapable of accepting magic into his body from a source, meaning that he cannot recieve healing spells or absorb magic into his body but is still affected by attacks. The only exception to this are potions that use a persons own magical energy. When he uses magic to enhance one of his senses, it takes away from the others and making him defenceless. When he traces something or someone, the more recent the easier it is to find. The power to sense intent can make him more fearful of trusting people and hesitant, adding more to his social anxiety. While he can make himself stand out he's afraid to do so, and though he can make himself more unnoticed, this effect only works on living beings who are unaware of his presence, so cameras or when he is in a fight makes this power useless in certain scenarios. When he recreates a weapon, he must have a clear picture in his mind of what he wants and can only recreate ones that he has been exposed to. He also cannot recreate the power of the weapon or know how to fight with one. When he gives other wizards his power he can only do so in small amounts and he may end up hurting himself or others. Weapons: Able to use weapons that he can summon, bombs, close combat Class: None yet Guild: Doesn't have one but is looking Team: None yet, won't mind being on one but used to being on his own
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Name: Meledy Taylor Title: Queen of Music Gender: Female Age: 16 Appearence: Hair: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/aa/ef/6e/aaef6eaa19fe9dc4a224b19b51a26c0a.jpg-Number 1 Dress: http://24myfashion.com/2016/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/wpid-cute-dresses-for-kids-7-16-2016-2017-19.jpg Personality: Kind, Caring and Helpful History: She is the daughter of the Music Dragon, Marie-Anne. Her father is Angelo the Psychic Dragon. Meledy is yet to find her mother and father. Magic: Music and Psychic, or combined if she is super focused. Magical Abilities: Currently unknown Magical Limitations ? Weapons: Well, herself, her partner, Milly, and her whip! Class: Uh , not the highest, but not the lowest. Guild: Fairy Tail! <3 Team: Since no one else has joined, what am I gonna do bout dat?
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TNSTrittany: I cannot accept your character quite yet, as I need a more detailed description of her appearence, such as the color of her eyes, hair, how tall she is, is she thin, curvacous?...and such. Oh, and I need to know where her Guild Mark is and in what color. She also needs a bigger history and personality. Is she like Lucy? An almost complete pushover with a bit of a temper? Mirajane? Nice, but terrifying if you anger her? And when she was abandoned by her dragon parents, is she looking for them like Natsu? What does she like and dislike? Does she admire Natsu? And how are her magical abilities unknown? Surely she has some idea of how they work? Or are they currently uncontrollable? In which case you would put that under 'Magic Limitations'. But no, really. WHAT CAN YOUR CHARACTER DO? Okay, she is the adopted daughter of the Dragon of Music and the Dragon of Psychic. WHAT DID THEY TEACH HER?! Siren abiliites? How to sing enemies to sleep? How to levitate her opponents, take control of their mind, their body??? Oh, and as a dragon slayer HEIGHTENED SENSES ARE A GIVEN! Magic limitations: what can she NOT do? What does her magic NOT effect? What opponents would she be useless against. Weapons: you would list close combat and whip. You also need to include WHO MILLY is! Heck, you probably need to fill out an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FORM for her. I presume she's an Exceed, but what does she look like? How long can she fly? Class: I show you the options. E through A. Then we have S. and then SS. She would be a C-class mage. Probably. Team: You can either wait for more people to join, create your own team, in which you'd have to fill out proper character sheets for them, or have her join a relatively random team that already exists within Fairy Tail. Title: Oh, and I just noticed this. HOW DOES SHE HAVE A TITLE IF SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO USE HER MAGIC ABILITIES?! Oh, and in case you didn't read through it properly......You need to fix what I mentioned before I accept you. And you're missing the password.
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is it okay if yugi apears with his duel disk to scare everone away guild he would be in: fairy tail
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The RP hasn't even started. I don't know what you're talking about. Yugi? Who's he?
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He's proposing bringing yu-gi-oh characters into it... Not gonna lie, that sounds fun. But not to many people's likings.
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Aaron's the name. I'm 'bout 6"3', 180 pounds. I like swords. Like, a lot. I'm not muchuva writer, so I'mma make this quick. I'm 17, magical power is the ability to turn metal to somo kinda solid electricity stuff. Reall bright, real powerful. Hurts like the devil, if that stuff touches ya. I also have the ability to do the opposite, as in, if i get a stron electric current, i can turn it to solid steel. Or... Whatever that metal is. It's real light and shiny, but hard as diamond. It's near-black in color. Oh, and i'm impervious to electricity and can form it by thinking, like, if i imagine a sword, any static electricity in the area will come together and form a swword. It's handy, i'll tell ya that. As for features, i'm tall (Duh duh durr), bulky, black hair, and my days in the sun gave me a good tan. My eyes have been said to be unexplainable, they're a bright purplish color. [see alex's hoodie(my profile pic)] They're glowy. As for my past... I don't know much. I don't remember before i turned ten, and that's when Old Man Hal took me in to his farm and trained me to use my power. People don't really like me. I'm different. And a little overenthusiastic. But i hope i can be in this here guild! [he'd be in fairy tail]
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Ok, there will be no Yugioh appearing in this RP. Why? Because I only do RPs with anime/books/movies/ect that I'm familiar with and have read/watched the entire series. I don't know anything about Yugioh, so not happening. Sorry. Anyways, Glitche, could you please fill out the actual form? It is hard to figure out what is with your character with the information scattered like that. And please... be more grammatical. Don't use 'ya', use 'you'.
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bump. We're still open if anyone likes Fairy Tail.....

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