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Alexisawe's AvatarAlexisawe
Alexisawe's Avatar
i was wondering: if you accidentally release a special pokemon (S/A/M/D etc.) and find someone who has adopted it are you allowed to ask if they'd give it back? i know they don't have to give it back, but i was wondering if just asking once would be against the rules and considered "begging".
Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
You can ask, as long as you ask normally (polite and not trying to pressure the other person) and you need to back off and accept it if they say no. But sure, you can ask
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DrewBoy78's AvatarDrewBoy78
DrewBoy78's Avatar
I just got back from a two year hiatus so I'm a little out of the loop and want to make sure I don't break any rules on accident while getting back into it. Are hunt spots against the trading rules? Like offering spots for boxboxes, or for shiny/albino/melan Pokemon. I know there's a rule against offering things you don't currently have, so would this fall into that category?
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Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
Nope, hunt spots are totally fine. While you can't offer things you don't have, you don't do that with a spot, you just offer a spot - basically you offer to reserve a pokemon once you've hatched it. The only important thing is that you're not allowed to take/give payment before the pokemon is actually hatched.
Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
Eltafez's Avatar
Adding on to what Mareep said: Hunt spots are tricky since they're part of a service. Staff can't put their foot down if say, a customer decides to cancel their spot before the order is complete. However, there are exceptions and it all depends on the communication between seller and buyer, so make sure you're good on that. :)
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Gelendra's AvatarGelendra
Gelendra's Avatar
I had a question about artwork that I might want to use for an avatar. I read through the rules about art but wasn't quite clear about this. I saw that if you used a Gif like from The Lion King and put 'The Lion King@Disney' it would be fine. If I wanted to use an image from NASA, could I credit it in a similar wayway, or would that break a rule?
Volixagarde's AvatarVolixagarde
Volixagarde's Avatar
If it's from NASA, you should be alright. Try and credit the photographer/artist if it's listed.
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Gelendra's AvatarGelendra
Gelendra's Avatar
Okay,thank you very much

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