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Mistylover's AvatarMistylover
Mistylover's Avatar
I don't know if this was asked or not, but what type of language is accepted and which is not?
Zen's AvatarZen
Zen's Avatar
Rules: Forum Content - D: Language The primary language of this website is English, as such this means that content in general should be in English (like talking on the forums, for example). Usage of other languages in things like About Me's, trainercards and journals isn't necessarily forbidden but will be checked to ensure users are not attempting to break site rules by using another language.
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To clarify, it's completely legal to give yourself a delta point right? Like on one hand one delta point a day doesn't sound op but on the other it sounds illegal.
Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
Gørdeen's Avatar
Hi, I wanted to ask something If for example you're trading an item with someone and then there is no deal between you both, then the seller PM you saying you can trade the item and he/she gives a lower price for it but you haven't accepted since you haven't seen the PM yet Then there is some other people asking for the same item the people is PMing you for and a trade happened between them Is it offering what you don't have? (Offering something to two different people, which is rude) Sorry if it gets confusing, It's hard for me to word it
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Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
IUndercoverTroll: Clicking yourself for DP is not against the rules, no it's also not illegal :D Gørdeen: Just to clarify, this is what happened

I am an example

-You offered 100zc on a box box in someones shop -They pm'd you and told you it's only 350k -They get an offer in their shop and sell the box box to person B instead of waiting for your answer
First, offering something to two different people is not rude, it's against the rules. For this situation I'd say it depends on how the pm is worded. There is a difference between 'Oh a box box is just 350k, let me know if you want it' and 'I'm happy to sell you my box box, but it's only 350k. Send a trade, please'. So, if they really agreed to trade the item for a lower price, I'd say they are breaking the rules. If you would have paid 500k, of course you're willing to pay 350k instead, so I'd say the trade is agreed on on both sides. Like with most things, just take a few screenshots and report it. It's better to let the mods take a look at the whole situation and make a decision. Even if it's not against the rules, that's great info to have, so don't be shy to report something if you're unsure edit: english
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Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
Gørdeen's Avatar
Im still unsure the message is like this "Hey, I can still trade one of the megas you want for a lower price" Actually in the begining no trades happened because I feel the price is too high for me and then they PMed After they PMed me, someone offers and then they trade
Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
I'd say it's fine. You two didn't agree on a price before, so that trade fell trough. Now they tell you they are willing to sell for less. Until you two agree about the exact amount, they can sell to someone else. I'd still say report it. It's so hard to say things without all the details and if they broke a rule, it's good for the team to know (in case they do that all the time). I promise the mods don't get angry or that you bother them if you report something and it's not against the rules. Happened to me before, it's really fine, just report it :D
Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
Gørdeen's Avatar
Thanks for letting me know
hayday6's Avatarhayday6
hayday6's Avatar
hi i was wondering if i maybe started a mini game where if i said ok first person to answer this “pokemon related question gets a prize if that would be ok i would be “giving stuff away im not sure about this but it is something i would like to do would ask multiple differnt questions about anime pokefarmq cards types and Exe
Vixuzen's AvatarVixuzen
Vixuzen's Avatar
Hi, I was wondering about one thing: Pressing a number key while having the respective berry chosen on a Pokemon in Field View (e.g. "1" for Aspear Berry) automatically feeds it to the Pokemon. Is it allowed to re-assign your keyboard, e.g. having "1" assigned to multiple keys? Example: you assign all numpad keys to act as "1" and thus, having ~10 keys that essentialy act as a "click". Now, I know bots and macros are not allowed, but I'm not sure if that counts as one of those.

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