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QUOTE originally posted by NeonFlame

So I was reading through the forum game rules, and I was wondering, why are gifting and trading games not allowed? It never said any reason for it...
It is because people were not following the rules of the threads. I'm sure It created such a hassle it was just better to disallow them than to let them continue
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Fuchsfee's AvatarFuchsfee
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I've been wondering about this for some time now. We're supposed to report SPAM when we stumble upon it. And for the most part SPAM it pretty easy to recognize. But what about multi-quoting? What I mean is when two or more users keep quoting each other - every time keeping all the previous quotes - and just add their reply under all of the quotes. For example:

QUOTE originally posted by User A

Initial statement.

QUOTE originally posted by User B

First reply. With some detail. And a question.

QUOTE originally posted by User A

Second reply. Maybe clarifying something.

QUOTE originally posted by User C

Third reply. Just a joke.
I know something like that often occurs when users are on mobile. And it can be very annoying to delete parts of a quote on mobile. But that sort of thing can feel very spammy quickly, especially when the multi-quote gets so long that you have to scroll a bit before you get to the new reply under the quote. So... should we report something like that? (On a side note, I've always thought it's very unnecessary to quote the very last post before your own, even if you're replying to it. But that does sometimes feel like an unpopular opinion.)
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In my personal opinion, more than 2 quotes a quotes (barring snipped quotes you sometimes get in a suggestion) is spammy. If you want to reply to something and feel you must quote them, trim out the other quotes first. It's not at all hard. As for why the forum games don't allow the trading/gifting threads anymore, iirc, there was a problem in one of the threads in which you had to "gift the person above you..." and I don't remember which particular version this was, but people were not following the rules of the thread and gifting other, random, things, or not gifting what they said they would, or not gifting at all.
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Hi, I wanna ask something Is it considered a withdraw if say somebody posted in a trade thread and I've offered, then the people said "send your offer", I've sent my offer and that person declined it and left a message like this "hello, if i want i will contact with you in 24 hours and also thanks for your offer" Idk if it's considered a withdraw from trade but the person said "send your offer" , maybe he/she declined cause somebody after me also offered the same thing and they send first? But that's just my assumption
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Fuchsfee's AvatarFuchsfee
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I would say yes, that is a withdraw. By saying "send your offer" they basically agreed to your offer on the thread. The wording on this rule is very clear:

QUOTE originally posted by Niet

Once a trade is agreed upon by both parties it is ironclad – meaning that the trade can’t be backed out of. If you wish to change the agreement, then both parties must agree.
Emphasis by me. So if something like you described happened to you, you should go ahead and report that other user.
Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
Gørdeen's Avatar
It just happened to me so Ill report that, thanks

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