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QUOTE originally posted by branwens

hello! is it against rules to log into a friends account and organize their fields for them if they ask for it? my friend wants his fields organized but theyre busy with work and starting college so i offered to do it if staff was ok with it.
Yes, it is still against the rules. As you aren't the account holder and you're going onto their account to do things; it falls under the rule about Account Control, Only YOU are allowed on YOUR account.
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QUOTE originally posted by Gladion

So Discord recently pushed an update that has a functionality for toggling spoilers (specifically when you surround a message with '||'). Will this have any affect on the strict no-spoiler policy of the server, or in other words, will we be allowed to speak about Pokemon spoilers when censored properly?
We're currently in France for several days for a variety of reasons including seeing Niet's family and the connection is a bit spotty so we're a bit limited on what we can do. Now, that said, we're gonna think about it because while Discord has released the update that doesn't mean everyone has it yet. Give it a bit and then the answer will probably be " yes " to your question. At that point, if someone still hasn't updated discord then it's on them ^^
Corviknight's AvatarCorviknight
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Yeah, definitely makes sense for people who haven't updated. Good to know!
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hello could i get some help please are you allowed to decline a trade offer in your shop, trade thread etc for no given reason ? are you allowed to ignore peoples offers in your shop, trade thread etc ? thanks in advance !
Mareep's AvatarMareep
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Sure, there is no rule that says you need to give a good enough reason to decline a trade. Just keep in mind that people might keep asking/offering, so if you don't want to trade with someone ever, it might be better to tell them outright
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alright thank you ^^
Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
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Mareep is mostly correct, except you can't tell them your reasons in public as this can count as public blacklisting. Better to answer them via PM if they ask.
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What’s the rule about advertising in PMs? I was planning on PMing some people to recruit people for my raffle as right now there are way more prizes than there are people and I wanted to bridge the gap. And just to clarify, I’d only message people that I’ve talked to before, or explicitly say on their page that random PMs are ok. I won’t be messaging everyone I see. ^^’ Edit: a mod just told me via PM that I can't, in case anyone else was wondering.
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Massive apologies if this info is already somewhere, but who should I contact for moving a thread from one area to another?
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Generally you'd contact a forum mod (Sporko is currently the only forum mod alongside Constantine, who is the forum manager.) Staff roster has a list of mods and what they do. =]
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