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Questions about Site Rules

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@Garthic okie dokie then! thank you for clarifying that for me! If I can figure out how to add a background to the "About me" I will :) 'til then it's back to default XD! Wouldn't want to be arrested for eye-murder now would I? XD! -Edit- Figured out how to change the background colour, was just as simple as the rest of the customization :) And yes of course I understand that not everyone is at the ready for trades! It honestly doesn't bother me all too much but I thought it may be important to bring up is all :)
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QUOTE originally posted by Argent Lyal XIII

Onto another question: Pertaining to Rule 2.C (Type Appropriately), I realize that chatspeak is not allowed, but there are some people like me who don't exactly do much with chatrooms; as such, do emotes (examples: :3 ;3 X3 ) count as chatspeak?
I would use them extremely sparingly.

QUOTE originally posted by Red Eyes

Just wanted ask why nothing about art theft is mentioned in the rules. At the very least, I thought there would be a link in the rules thread to the art theft thread's first page/post. Just curious since art theft has been a major problem on PFQ.
There's already been three-plus announcements on it. If it becomes an issue, we'll link them in the rules; but people should be reading all announcements anyway.
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Edit: Sorry, Garthic
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Ok. Continuing along the lines of my last question: Does this also apply to PMs? Granted, I'm not going to go around sending messages so full of emotes that ones computer suddenly turns into a living emoji, I'm just honestly curious.
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Blank Banshee's AvatarBlank Banshee
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QUOTE originally posted by Argent Lyal XIII

Ok. Continuing along the lines of my last question: Does this also apply to PMs? Granted, I'm not going to go around sending messages so full of emotes that ones computer suddenly turns into a living emoji, I'm just honestly curious.
In PMs, as long as you don't go overboard and send PMs with long strings of them, I don't think there'd be a problem.
Garthic's AvatarGarthic
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@Kaia, Not particularly, what I did was more dissect what you said - how that's an assumption is beyond me. You presented something for me to look at and I told you what I saw. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong - but it also means that you put it across incorrectly. If that's the case, mayhaps a better description of what you're meaning should be looked into. If I may ask, what is wrong with someone not wanting to be friends with you? I'm sorry, but it's not anyones job to tip-toe around you when they probably have their own problems to begin with. Especially the person you're referencing, so I will thank you not to bring that up. There is no problem with what was done. If there was a problem with that course of action, then I would simply point out that we wouldn't have it as something that a person could do. There is nothing more to say about it. That is that.
RedCydranth's AvatarRedCydranth
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This isn't about a specific rule, but it is a question or two I've been meaning to ask for a while and it kind of is rule related. I often browse the Suggestions, Help and Bugs forum. And I've seen many mixed signals given out. Allow me to elaborate, without being actually specific. A user will post a question in a Help topic. A Moderator will come in and answer, and then say "You should have PM'd this question to me." How are we, as users, to know what is PM worthy and what is Help Forum worthy? Isn't that the point of the Help Forum? Another issue is topics are often deleted from the Help Forum because they've been answered or solved, which I suppose is fine. Tidiness brings about Happiness or something like that. But then, we run into repeat questions. Or sometimes I'll have a question that I recall being asked in the Help forum, but forgot the answer but when I go to reference said thread, it's been swept into the recycle bin and tossed to the curb with last Thursday's refuse. So, I'm left scratching my ever receding hairline. If you guys are so adamant on people looking for their answers before posting questions, why are you deleting questions once they get answered? I understand that it is annoying to have to answer the same question multiple times, especially when the answer is in plain sight. But why make more work for yourselves by deleting valuable information?
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Constantine's AvatarConstantine
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@Red First question: Sometimes there are questions that should be directed towards a moderator rather than asked in the help forums. For example; if someone needs help with a thread being moved or posts being erased then this should be directed towards a forum moderator rather than placed in the help forum. Just ask yourself these simple questions: -Do you want information that’s 100% correct and double checked by other staff members (We discuss questions in a staff chat after all) then PM us. -Do you think the general public will even know the answer to your question? If yes, then go ahead and ask, if no…then why waste your time posting it in a help thread? -Though it’s our job to moderate it can save time to PM a moderator granted that your cause for doing so complies with the two factors above. It saves us from scouring the help forum and focusing on other issues on the website, and you’re more likely to get a quicker response~ Of course this is just me, I’m sure Garth and the other staff can add more to this and correct it. But this is what I’ve gathered from it all. Fact of the matter is this; we're here to help. We're not going to snap at you for asking a question. But our eyes will roll if said question can be answered by a quick trip to the FAQs or in threads already posted in the help forum. Hah, I say ours, I mean mine. Derp my dex has reset...-eyes roll into the back of my skull- That second issue of deleting topics. We don’t delete topics for the sake of making life difficult for folk. Threads that are deleted after an answer has been given or rather directed off to another read then erased are:- -Already in Help/bugs -In the FAQs Each thread has a two week waiting period until it is erased; if the issue is something that is likely to occur again or is deemed to be useful then it is bumped into the FAQ. Thing is...people just don't want to read the FAQs. Of course there are threads that slip through our fingers and into the waste bin...but honestly that's rare; we try our best to make sure the information people are seeking is available. Of course that doesn't stop us from crying as our brains leak out of our ears when people fail to utilize the information we give them. I'm sure you remember such a thread where folk just fail to read our instruction...or do the darndest of things. I certainly don't mind a few PMs being thrown my way on the importance of certain threads in the Help/Bugs forum. You see a thread that isn't a duplicate, may be useful etc, PM me. I'll be happy to review it, discuss it with others and then bump it into their respected archives. Apologies if this doesn't make a lick of sense. No sleep makes me...lame at communication. What are words? My hands are moving on their own. Handsssss.
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Is it mini modding to ask a user to look at the rules, expecially if its a beginner who just joined? If so, would it be bad to report the user for double posted or no? They are a beginner and just joined and I dont want to cause trouble.
Flareon's AvatarFlareon
Flareon's Avatar
I'm not sure if this should be under suggestions or here, but I thought I should mention something. I recently opened up a thread in the help forum, asking whether we are allowed to make a journal post containing our adoptables from other sites. Niet responded that it was okay to do so. I think it might be good to add to the 'advertising' part of the rules, since adoptables are already mentioned there. It might spare the moderators having to answer this question again. Unless of course, the new/expanded rules changed that... in which case, I'd really like to be told about that in order to edit my adoptables out of the post. I'd rather not get in trouble for having them. ^^ (Edit: Typos... and I'm not sure if my grammar is good, so I'm sorry if it's hard to read. English comes as a second language.)
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