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QUOTE originally posted by Kiryu

If a moderator breaks a small forum rule, is it still recommended to PM Garthic directly? As per the rules, if a moderator is reported, Garthic will be the only one to respond, whether he was directly PM'd or not, however... In the rules, it seems to only be referring to reporting a moderator in the context of They Did A Very Big Bad Whoopsie And Is A Very Serious Issue That Should Not Be Taken Lightly. What should I do if a moderator just breaks a very small rule, like how the majority of reports are? Should I still PM Garthic, or would that be kind of spam-y since it's not a huge issue? ;v;
Ultimately, moderators are users just like us. If someone did something wrong, it's best just to report it. They don't get a free pass just because of their mod status ^^ I get why you'd feel more comfortable just pming Garth, but making a normal report is probably the way to go about it. Don't stress though, you don't get in trouble for sending pms :3 I've talked to Niet a few times actually
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I think that bit about reporting staff in the rules post is mainly to let you know that unlike reporting users, reporting a mod using the report system would allow that mod to see the report. So if the matter was sensitive or you wanted to keep it private for any reason, the way to do that would be to PM Garthic. But it says you /can/ use the report system if you want. And if it's just a minor thing I'd probably just report it normally. But I think Garthic would understand if you preferred to handle it over PM.
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What words are considered curse words/disallowed?? There are some words i'd like to say like cr*p, h*ll and d*mn but i don't know if they're allowed or not.
i can assure you that i am at least 50% more gay than you
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I have a question regarding on making a comic page in the future. I'm currently thinking about drawing stuff related to a flash animation series called "Tome: Tales of Magical Expertise", though the original creator of said series has some bad reputation due to some allegations against him. My pokesona will be featured so this is not a question about if this stuff is allowed to be uploaded in the regular comic page. It's more regarding if I should draw stuff related to the series due to the bad reputation from the original creator. Let me know so that I can find another franchise to draw if this series is not allowed.
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if i make kinaster, solynx, and lunupine gijinkas, am i allowed to sell them for pfq currency?
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Hi, my memorys shot from a bad prescription, please keep this in mind before PMing me
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This isn't super urgent, I just want to know for future reference in case I decide to start cross-posting my writing here at some point. Two questions re: fanfic: -I know 18+ is pretty much "anything goes", but what sort of content requires a fic to be in 18+ rather than 15+? I'm guessing it's similar to AO3's T rating vs M rating criteria, but I'd like a confirmation to be on the safe side. -This is probably a silly question but are shipping fics (you know like, romance shipping) allowed here? I don't see why they wouldn't be, but I haven't seen any and I am a man composed almost entirely of anxiety, so I want to make sure.
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QUOTE originally posted by NeonFlame

Since when is sandwich posting against the rules? Because I’ve seen people apologizing for it lately.
Anyone know the answer to this?
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Sandwich posting is not against the rules

QUOTE originally posted by NeonFlame

QUOTE originally posted by NeonFlame

Since when is sandwich posting against the rules? Because I’ve seen people apologizing for it lately.
Anyone know the answer to this?
It's not allowed in forum games, but elsewhere it's fine as far as I'm aware.
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I am starting a raffle soon and have one question. Am I allowed to give people extra entries in exchange for advertising the raffle?
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