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Zacian's AvatarZacian
Zacian's Avatar
I have a question regarding Usernames! This seems a bit of a stretch to me (considering it requires getting in contact with an inactive user) but i figured id make sure if this was okay first so thank you for bearing with me! So say someone has a Username that I want, hasnt logged in for years and has a bulb icon still. Obviously theyve earned the right to keep their name since they got it first, but also dont actively use their account. Is it okay to offer that user (via Pm) payment to change their name and then hope a mod can change my old name to that desired name (before the off chance a new user noticed it was availible and just makes an account with the name)? Not necessarily asking for a mod curated change between two parties because that might be a strain on the mods, admittedly a rare case to begin with, but more of "hey if youre willing to change your name for x payment so i can have a chance to aquire it would you be willing to?" and then hoping a name change can go through inbetween that time, with full knowledge of the potential monetary loss if unlucky to aquire it in time due to things outside your control (like a new user happened to make an account with the name before a name change could take effect, making them the rightful owner of the name) Sorry if that was long winded, just wanted to account for potential drawbacks to doing so and consent to them if such a transaction is allowed!
Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
Eltafez's Avatar
Frankly it is not something we would allow as your username is an important part of your account, not an item sitting in your inventory. This is also why we only allow one free name change per year.
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Zacian's AvatarZacian
Zacian's Avatar
Thank you for the clarification! It seemed like a grey area because I wasn't sure if on the moderators end a username change was akin to a users ability to rename a pokemon in their possession (which is to say if I renamed a Rockruff I own to "Charlie" , the identifying breed of that pokemon isn't lost because of the nickname i gave them). But it seems like a Username carries more important identifying account data than I had assumed! Thanks again!
Hello, I have an old account on this that i'm no longer using? I just went back to it to make it known its inactive. Is this allowed? I understand we arent allowed to have multiple accounts but I will not go back to it To add more, I honestly thought as long as it was inactive it was fine. But i've looked it up and I guess its not? Is there no way to delete accounts? This is completly my bad, i'm worried.. [Mod edit: posts merged and issue has been resolved in private.]
SageSparkles's AvatarSageSparkles
SageSparkles's Avatar
Hi, I want my dad to play this game as well since he likes to play Pokemon Go already and he likes Pokemon. I'm just wondering, is it okay that we click each other's Pokemon/Eggs? We have the same IP address because we live in the same house. If this is allowed, please let me know. :) EDIT: I'd also like to mention this is not to benifit me, I want him to experience this site.
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Obstagoon's AvatarObstagoon
Obstagoon's Avatar
There's no actual rule about this, the whole IP address was a rumor someone started years and years ago. As long as you aren't using each other's accounts you are completely fine
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Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
As long as he is using his account only and you are using your account only, that is fine. It would be a bit ridiculous to demand users to not click another certain user's parties, hahA As long as y'all're not using eachothers accounts, multiple people on one, one person using multiple accounts, or someone using someone else's account (which is what the rule is actually against), then it's 100% fine. ^^
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SpArKlYsHiNx's AvatarSpArKlYsHiNx
SpArKlYsHiNx's Avatar
I read the advertisement rule, but I wanted to be clear for myself. ---If I advertise in my signature about selling shiny/albinos, would I get in trouble I wasn't entirely sure, but I though if it was an on-site thing, it would be okay. Extremely sorry if this was previously answered. I might have missed it while looking brought the previous pages.
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KishanHaru's AvatarKishanHaru
KishanHaru's Avatar
Advertising your PFQ shops is definitely allowed.
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SpArKlYsHiNx's AvatarSpArKlYsHiNx
SpArKlYsHiNx's Avatar
I don't have/use a shop. Would advertising for like " selling x and x pokemon! Pm for details!" Would that still be allowed?

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