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The following are the rules that you were presented with upon signing up. These are known as the 'Adventure Rules', and serve as a very simple guide to our rule-set (as they are explained in detail below), so that we can display them to potential users when they are signing up. It's a lot easier than giving people a wall of text on a sign-up page!

1. This site is intended to be child-friendly with parental guidance. 2. No SPAM. 3. You may add rules in your threads, but never override Site/Forum rules. 4. If someone is locked, it's not your business. 5. Treat others as you would have them treat you. 6. No advertising. See full details below. 7. Tag all spoilers in [hide] tags. 8. Only you may use your account, and you may only have one account. 9. British laws apply. 10. "I didn't read the rules" is not an excuse.
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It is suggested/recommended that these rules be read before posting on the forums. These rules are posted for your convenience as a user, and ignorance of these rules is not an excuse. If a rule is broken, even if you did not know, then the rule was still broken. First time offences, unless serious, are generally just warnings. The major ones are listed for easy-reading/viewing when you sign up, so failure to follow the major rules (such as 'No multi-account / account sharing' ) cannot be attributed to "I hadn't read the rules thread yet". At any rate, this thread explains things in more detail compared to the 'adventure rules'.
The rules were last updated: 1/APR/2019 The rules being listed here count as the concept of a person being given "fair warning" in regards to breaking the rules.

Art Theft

The section below which states "British Laws apply" covers this, as stealing art is not just a violation of the rules of this site, but also of the law. Posting art without a source (or claiming you made it when you did not) is "art theft" at it's core. If you do this, you're taking an artist's work, their effort and their time, and telling them "No, this is mine now." Either that, or "It isn't worth my effort to ask you permission." Punishments can range from a multi-month ban to a permanent removal from the site depending on the severity of the issue, to whether or not the individual(s) involved are repeat offenders. Further information can be found here.

1--Forum Content Level

This site is intended to be child-friendly with parental guidance - to be clear, this means that there may be some content that parents do not agree with such as words like "damn" and "hell" being allowed. This does mean that people should avoid swearing or harsh language - censoring it does not make it okay. This extends to linking or referencing off site works which are inappropriate in nature. There shouldn't be any need for it in general conversation. In RPs and FanFics, it should generally be avoided - however if the context allows, it may be okay. Just so long as it's reasonable. (Things being "context appropriate" applies to individual situations that are presented, for example - if people involved via. PMs are friends.) A. Alternate Ratings We have seperate sections for different thread-ratings. Viewable for all (Parental guidance), 15+ and the Mature forums. If a thread is PG-13 in content and posted in the general forums, it MUST be stated so in the thread title. If a thread is primarily PG-13 in content and has single posts that are PG-15 in nature, they should not be there. All 15+ posts MUST be in the 15+ area (or the Mature forums). If a thread is 15+ in content, it MUST be in the 15+ area - no exceptions. ALL 18+ content MUST be placed in the Mature Forums. No exceptions. B.Individual Forum Rules Individual forums may have rules of their own. There may be a thread Pinned at the top of the forum's thread list, clearly named, which includes rules to be followed. Links to these threads can be found linked at the bottom of these rules for your convenience. C.Mature Content In PMs Mature content in PMs (Such as explicit Roleplays) are allowed, but only under certain circumstances. We require that each participant of an 18+ Roleplay that is taking place via. PMs, post a set-up in the mature forums. This is to ensure that each participant is of age (18 or over). The RP itself does not have to take place on the Mature Forums, only the set-up is necessary. Nothing more. If a user cannot view / post in the Mature Forums, then they are not suitable candidates for a Mature RP via. PMs. D.Language The primary language of this website is English, as such this means that content in general should be in English (like talking on the forums, for example). Usage of other languages in things like About Me's, trainercards and journals isn't necessarily forbidden but will be checked to ensure users are not attempting to break site rules by using another language.

2--No Spamming

SPAM will not be tolerated. Examples of SPAM include, but are not limited to, being off-topic, posting something short and not worth the time to read (ie. awesome!, I like this, this is good / bad, this needs changing), or posting random stuff for absolutely no reason. Most SPAM is obvious, but we also consider asking for clicks to be SPAM: if you want interactions, click other people and they will likely return the favour. Just because a definition of SPAM is not listed here, does not mean that it is not SPAM. S.P.A.M stands for - "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages". Generally speaking, forum-based responses are required to be above three words, minimum (this is to avoid one-word replies or smiley face-only responses). A.Thread Purpose Every thread must have a specific purpose, and it must fit within the scope of the forum it is posted in. Threads with no purpose may be deleted. Threads in the wrong forum may be moved to a relevant forum. Please make sure you're posting in the right place. B.Colours Please avoid changing the colour of the text, unless you have also changed the colour of the background. People may use a different Skin to you, so what you can read may be completely impossible to read for someone else. C.Type Appropriately Chatspeak is not acceptable. Check your spelling, and try to at least have understandable grammar. We understand that not everyone speaks English as their first language, but the difference between "someone who doesn't speak English" and "someone who speaks English and deliberately makes no effort" is painfully obvious. D.Chat Threads Do not make a thread for the sole purpose of chatting with others. These serve no purpose other than spamming up the forums, so they are not allowed. This applies to the entire forum, including Journals. E.Asking Repeat Questions This mostly applies to the Help forums, but is applicable elsewhere, too. Generally speaking, a lot of questions are answered already whether it be in the rules, the wiki or on other help threads where the same question has already been asked. F.Begging Begging for other people's hard-earned items (ZC, GP, credits , shinies, legends, etc) is NOT allowed and is considered SPAM no matter how you cut it. The same goes for click-begging - If you want click-backs, please click others and be active - that is truly the best way. G.Multi-posting Don't post twice in a row unless it is allowed under the guidelines provided under a specific sub-forums rule-set.

3--Rule Modifications

You may impose your own rules in threads you create. However, you may not override core site rules. For example, you cannot say things such as, - "Spamming is okay here" - "Swear as much as you want" - "Post all your eggs here" - "Type like an idiot" - "Post random pictures" - "Advertise random websites you like" All of these have been seen and deleted before, which is why they are being mentioned as examples. A. Assigning helpers In a large thread (maybe a contest / clan, for example), assistants / helpers may be recruited to help out, however, they may not be referred to as "Mini-mods", "thread mods" or 'staff' as a general as this may confuse people. Please keep any "mod"-related terms out of any title that you are going to give to someone, unless referring to the necessary members of staff of the website as to avoid confusion.

4--Posting Rules

You may not multi-post unless a certain amount of time has passed. This varies based on the forum you are in. Typically the threshold is two weeks since the last post was made, but in other sub-forums it can vary from one hour, to two days, and so on. A.Thread Hijacking "Thread Hijacking" is the act of taking a thread completely off-topic and using it for your own purposes, when you should be creating a new thread for whatever the new topic is. B.Necro-posting Necro-posting is defined as posting in a dead thread. A thread is to be considered "dead" if the last post in it was more than a month ago. Unless you have a good reason to revive a thread, please avoid doing so. C.Posting Images Don't post massive pictures. No picture should be wider than 600px, or taller than 400px. For bigger pictures, use a link. Consider also the size of the file itself. Avoid images bigger than a couple hundred kilobytes. This also applies to templates - a template must be, in total - - No wider than 600px and - No taller than 400px, including both the top and bottom of the template. D.Post legibility Signatures, post backgrounds and about me's should all be legible to the reader. This means that they should be able to be read and shouldn't cause any trouble to the reader. For some people this will be a little subject to interpretation, as what is fine for some, may not be for others - the best thing to do is to report it to the staff so that they can deal with it, if there is an issue there. Sadly, if it only seems to be affecting a single person, or a small amount of individuals, we cannot expect everyone to cater to those singular persons. For more information, please review this thread, regarding legibility guidelines which not only explains this, but covers more information in regards to this.
As an added precaution, all flashing images are also prohibited.

5--Locked Members

There are five kinds of Lock: Site, Forum, PM, Chat and Trade. Locks are placed if a user breaks one or more rules, and are always accompanied by a reason. Locks are confidential, and you should NOT ask about someone else's account being Locked. Depending on the Lock, it will expire by itself, or the Locked user can contact the Support Centre to dispute the Lock. Users ARE allowed to talk about their own locks [--IN PRIVATE--], but should be aware that we reserve the right to make information about their lock public, if we find out that individuals are lying about the reason that their account was locked. Additionally, trying to find out who reported someone is a violation of a users anonymity in reporting. If you are found attempting to effectively witch-hunt a reporter, you will be held accountable.
On the topic of locks - Locks are a form of warning! Not all warnings are communicated via. text! If the situation is serious enough, action may be taken (in the form of a lock, to get a persons attention) instead of a PM being sent.

6--General Respect

Just as you're sat at your computer, the other people you will be interacting with are sat behind theirs too. These people are real; they are not robots, this means that just as you have feelings, so do they. Please take other people's feelings into account when talking to them. Do not be unduly rude to anyone, and if anyone is rude to you (especially without reason), please report them, do not take matters into your own hands. On that note... A.Mini-modding Mini-modding is the act of enforcing the rules when you don't have the authority to do so. Sometimes when a person mini-mods, it might make more of a situation than there was to begin with, even if that's not the intention and we don't want anyone to be subjected to (for example) verbal abuse just because they're trying to be nice. B.It's their choice, not yours. People can play this game how they want to play. If they want to one-click, that's their choice and you have no right to berate that individual, or PM them telling that 'they have to click more'. It is their choice. Just like it's your choice to do the same. We're all playing the same game, but we're all playing it on our own terms. You are not allowed to enforce your terms on to anyone else, regardless of who they are - just like nobody else is allowed to do the same to you. C.Staff Members Remember, the staff are people too - but as much as they may be staff, these rules apply to them as well. A staff member should respect you, as much as you should respect them - especially taking into account that they're often just doing their job, and as such, do not deserve disrespect for merely doing the job that is laid out for them. They do not choose to punish you, they are merely doing what their guidelines tell them to. D.This website is alive By this we mean that our website is consistently evolving and changing with new things being implemented and old things being improved. While we allow feedback on these changes, we do not allow hostilities. E. Misleading Links Links should specifically state where they lead - or at the very least, they shouldn't be misleading. Having a link to a friend that says "click this buttwaffle <3" and having it link to a friend of yours is perfectly fine! In contrast... Having a link that says "Free shiny!" that links to anything other than a free shiny, is not ok. F.Blacklisting Blacklisting is the act of publically disrespecting a user by effectively "Naming and Shaming them".

The "full" meaning

As a verb, to blacklist can mean to ostracize a person from a certain social circle. The designated "social circle" in this case, being the website at large.
This would mean that public blacklists (for example) in trade shops and clans are a violation of this rule. If someone is a problem individual and they refuse to leave, please report the individual / contact a member of staff. G.Aiding in rule-breaking If you are aware that someone is breaking the rules (in example, knowing someone has a multi-account) and you do not report them, then you are aiding them in rule-breaking. There's also more definitive ways of doing this, such as distributing things that help people cheat. As a general overview - if you know someone is breaking our rules and actively choose not to report it, then you are aiding them and thus potentially in violation of our rules yourself.


Please do not advertise in your forum posts. It is, however, acceptable to link to a site you own in your signature, but only with a text link. You may post adoptables in your signature too. These must use the Display Code given to you by the site they come from. It is acceptable to post a text link to other accounts you own on other websites in your "about me" section, or on your trainer card, such as PokéHeroes or GPX+ - however, we do not allow promotion, eg. "This site is better than PokéFarm" - anything more than a text link is not allowed. If you wish to link to a site you like, keep it in your signature or your About Me. Ensure that the site you are linking to has appropriate content on it. Again, anything more than a text-link is inappropriate. Remember, all links must be clearly labeled and must not be misleading. A.Off-site chats We do not allow the advertisement nor running of off-site chats on our website, unless they are run by a staff member. This includes via. PM.


There are many special mechanics and secrets to be found in PokéFarm Q. It is acceptable to research them and share your findings on the website, however it is required for you to either tag the thread name with "spoilers", and/or use a [hide] box to contain the possible spoilers - some people might want to find things for themselves! You can also share spoilers on our wiki (make they're appropriately tagged!) / search for said spoilers on our wiki!

9--Account Control

Every person is allowed ONE account. Users who are found to have two or more accounts will have them all indefinitely Locked. This decision MAY be changed, depending on how you behave when you contact the support centre, so if this happens to you, be sure to mind your manners. Additionally, there is no way to delete an account without damaging our databases (and thus our website) as everything is interlinked. A.Account Control An account may ONLY be controlled by the person who created it. If you are using a public computer, or even one that is shared with family, please ensure you log out when you are done. The same goes for mobile phones, please take care if you leave your phone unattended. We cannot be held responsible if someone else gains access to your account and messes with it! But also, having two or more people on the same account is unfair towards other players. B. Bots & Macros Bots and macros are programs and scripts that do things for the player, rather than the player having to do them by themselves, or make things take less work even while the player is in control. They exist to make actions faster and/or easier, and are a form of CHEATING. The owner of the account is the only one allowed to do anything with their account; that means that bots and macros aren't allowed, because they take control away from the account owner. The base rule to remember with this is "One click = one interaction". If you can make more than one interaction with one action of your own, this is breaking the rules.

10--British Laws Apply

Since this is a British website, all British laws apply and anything illegal cannot be discussed. Failure to follow these laws on this website could result in an account lock. We don't expect you to know every law, that would be silly! However, they are common sense for the most part! "All British laws" includes the law that we, the runners of the site, must have the ability to read users PMs - this is to catch out people committing unlawful acts. However, it should be noted that we only ever go through a persons PMs if there is valid reason to do so - searching a users' PMs without a valid reason is an abuse of moderator power.

11--Interacting with Staff

The staff are here to help you. However, they are not required to respond to, nor assist people, if the user in question is being unreasonable, or if people are rude to them without relevant cause (which there should never be). It is the staff's job to help people if they require assistance - but the staff are not required to sit through abuse. A.Contacting the right member of staff The staff have different jobs among them. Some are in charge of lurking the forums and removing SPAM, moving threads, such and so forth - and others are more active in the support centre and on-site as a general rule, with less focus on the forums. You can find out what staff member is doing what job by looking at the Staff Roster!, and with any luck, you should be able to message the correct staff member for your issue! If not, then it's no real problem, as we are all in contact with one another - it does make things easier if the right person is contacted first, though, so please give that a try! :) B.Help us help you If you have a problem, please try to be as clear as possible and provide as much information as you can. If you are unsure on what information needs to be provided, just mention you're not sure on what we want to know, and we'll be more than happy to tell you what we need from you. This also applies to the Bugs forum, the more we know, the easier it is to assist you. C.Contacting the Support Centre In the case of a user's account being locked, they should NOT CREATE ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Doing this will only lead to an indefinite lock, due to having broken rule 9. To discuss a lock, the Support Centre should be used. Nothing else. A link to the support centre can also be found on the Navigation bar, under the "Useful Links" sub-section.
Equally, if you lose your password, again, DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Use the password recovery function - if you can't do that, then contact the support centre. We'll do our best to help you! If you want to change your e-mail, DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Contact a member of staff on-site, or use the support centre - again, we'll do our best to help you! If you want to change your username, DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Contact a member of staff on-site, or use the support centre - once more, we'll do our best to help you! Creating a new account will only result in you breaking a very serious rule, which may lead to you having an indefinite Lock on your account. DO NOT DO THIS! An "indefinite lock" does not mean that you are permanently removed from the website, so please don't think that just because you have an "indefinite lock" on your account, that we don't want you to come back. We do! We just want you to talk to us in the support centre first :) --- Accounts cannot be deleted without causing damage to the database, as such there is no option to delete an account. D.Ignoring a staff member When a member of staff messages you (regarding staff matters - such as rule-enforcement), a reply is required to show that you have seen and understood what is being said - or just to further discuss things. The staff are more than happy to help out! Whether it be helping to understand a rule - or helping you to fix something that was breaking a rule. The staff may be here to enforce rules, but we're also here to help! :D E.Reporting a Staff Member If there is an issue with a staff member, you can use the report function on that staff member's page, if you don't mind that they, and all the other staff members, will be able to see it. Ultimately, only the "Staff Manager" will reply to you, regardless. That said, if you would prefer that it be kept private, between only yourself and the "Staff Manager", then be sure to look up who that individual is on the Staff Roster and send a PM directly to them. Reporting a staff member is a serious matter, and is something that will not be taken lightly. F.Contacting staff off-site Do not contact a member of staff off-site about any on-site ongoings unless you are specifically asked to or it is openly accepted by any member of staff at any given time. If it is not stated anywhere then that member of staff is not accepting off-site contact.
We realise that rules, and indeed any written words, may be interpreted in different ways. While efforts have been made to ensure the rules are unambiguous, the staff have final word on all matters. That said, SuperMods can overrule Moderators, and Administrators have absolute final verdicts. In general, you will receive a warning if you break a rule, however depending on the severity a Lock may be placed without warning. In such a case, you may contact our Support Centre to take action, but please be aware that we won't tolerate abuse and won't hesitate to permanently remove your access to the site if you behave in an unacceptable manner. Remember, you agreed to these rules, and that means you promised to follow them. If you don't, then you accept the consequences of not following them. All in all, we just want everyone to be nice! That's the only rule that we should really need =P
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With the addition of the chat, people seem to be unsure on how the primary site-rules apply to it, so here we are to assist!
1. This site is child-friendly. Please behave appropriately with this in mind. 2. No off-site links are to be posted without permission being given first - only from a Moderator. For clarity, this includes images uploaded to the site uploader. We don't know what you upload so it still has to be checked. 3a. The chat is not a trade area - please use the trade forums for this. --This includes asking questions pertaining to the price of items. b. Asking for Dex trades in the chat is not allowed, nor is asking for Evo trades. If you wish to do these things, please ask for help and send a willing recipient a PM rather than spamming the chat with requests. (Don't spam requests for help, either. If nobody responds then nobody is willing to help at that time.) 4. Please do not flood the chat with consistent messages or spam. This includes click begging and specifically going in to the chatroom to ask for battle requests. Avoid elongating your letters, and please do not use excessive caps. 4a. Please try to avoid posts with less than three words consistently. This spams up the chatroom. 5. Please don't turn the chat into a roleplay room. This is not its intended design. 6. Please avoid posting any spoilers in the chat. Hide tags do not work there. In fact, bbcode doesn't work there either. 7. While generic chatspeak such as "lol" and "omg" is allowed, using entirely chatspeak is not allowed. In example, When I talk like this, it is acceptable. but Whn I tlk lik dis It isn't. You have a full keyboard in front of you. Chat speak was primarily used when three letters were assigned to the same key, thus saved time.. However, that's not an issue anymore so let's spell out our words, please. This goes for mobile users as well. You get a full length keyboard. There's really no excuse for this.
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Forum Bump Times

These are important and should be known.

  • Suggestions; One week
↳ This means you can do a generic 'BUMP' once a week. If you have added something important to your suggestion that you believe others would benefit from seeing you may post an announcement bump. An announcement bump should only be used sparingly, at once you’ve used such a bump it goes on cool down. You will be contacted if we believe you’re abusing this feature.
  • Help; One week
↳ If your issue hasn’t been addressed and the answer is not in the help forum/FAQs or in the Wiki. As a last resort you may contact a moderator, but please be warned that most if not all answers are in the FAQ/Wiki.
  • Bugs; N/A
↳ If you have more information on the bug that hasn’t been posted beforehand and can help Niet pinpoint the issue, then please post it. We are very lenient with the bugs forum and any help or information on a bug that is – new and obviously related to the threads issue is welcome. Note, posting 'I have this issue as well' or 'I've had this' isn't helping anyone, it's spam when it's repeated.
  • Discussion; Misc; One week
↳ Discussions are just that, discussions – they really shouldn’t be bumped more than once a week by the OP. Other users other than the OP shouldn’t really be bumping unless the OP has originally been missing for quite some time. Staff will double check this and allow for the thread to be remade if the topic is still desired.
  • Guides; N/A
↳ There is no need for them to be bumped.
  • Fanfiction; N/A
↳ There is no need for them to be bumped.
  • Journals; NA
↳ There is no reason to bump a journal. If you're worried that your journal may be deleted due to inactivity, keep in mind that we go by how long it has been inactive as a whole. If your journal has a post that has been edited in the past three months it won't be deleted, though there is room for human error. Contact a Forum Moderator for retrieval of journals.
  • Trades/Trade Shops; Two days (48 hours)
↳For more information check the Rules.
  • Contests; One week
↳ If there's an important update you may post before one week has passed. Remember it has to be an important update, this is not for you to count down - but perhaps a change in prizes etc.
  • Clans Pokemon/misc; One week.
↳ If there's an important update you may post before the one week has passed - do not abuse this. Note; only owners - co-owners and thread 'helpers' who have been given permission to do so are allowed to do this. Frequent use may result in us evaluating it. So I will repeat do not abuse.
  • Roleplays Pokemon/Misc/Set-ups; One week
↳ If there's an important update you may post before the one week has passed - do not abuse this.
  • Art shops; Two days (48 hours).
↳ Important updates can get around this two day cool down, but it can't be abused. If you use your 'announcement' bump you can't do it again until two days has passed.
  • Forum Games; One week
↳ For more information on Forum Games check the Forum Games rules.
  • Battle Forum; Two days (48 hours)
↳ If there's an important update you may bump the thread with the announcement. After the announcement you won't be able to bump for another two days. Keep this in mind.
♔ Fae King Give me equality.
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Journal Rules

  • Journals should be used as storage of information and cataloguing your life on PFQ. Real life situations can also be documented as long as they’re appropriate and not rule breaking in themselves.

  • All journal posts should be child-friendly; the usage of hiding tags to hide more PG content is acceptable. Swearing in journals is not allowed unless they’re 18+ rated – in the mature forum.

  • False information and slander/libel are not acceptable. Comments/posts found in journals that are damaging and false against PFQ/its users and staff; will be removed or the user prompted to edit the post/comment. Action will be taken depending on the severity of the libel/slander. These include forum locks, deletion of journals, etc.


    False information and /Slander/Libel; Stating things like 'The staff removed this thread because they don't like me' would be false information. While saying 'The staff removed this thread due to it violating this rule' would be acceptable. There is no lie. No twisting of truth for it to come across as something that isn't the situation. If it's damaging, false and the information twisted - it will fall under this.

  • You are allowed to state your opinions on situations about the current state of the site. But if they’re slanderous or can be seen as unwarranted ‘attacking’ they will be removed/you will be prompted to edit. Remember that journals are public, as of such the posts will be moderated.


    This is more about, let's say you don't like the market or have issues with it. You can indeed state that you don't like it, your issues with it. Etc. If however, you crossed the line into making it a personal attack, like saying Niet is a 'so and so' for making this. Then that's a big no-no. Opinions are fine, but they can be given without attacking someone/something. It's more about being mature. Another example would probably be saying 'I'm afraid of staff' that's okay, I suppose, you do you, that's your right. But going on to say 'I'm scared of staff because they abuse their power and witch hunt me' - yeah, big nope.

  • Please be aware that freedom of speech doesn’t apply here. PFQ is not an American website, and ‘Freedom of Speech’ protects the citizen from the government's censoring of their opinions, etc.

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