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Niet's AvatarNiet
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Your opinions are always welcome. Now there's a way to express them!

EDIT: ... Okay I admit it, this is a bump, but at the end of this post you will find a (not so) brief commentary on why we hide reviews with strongly negative user feedback. The Player Review feature is now available. This lets you review the game just like you can in other places like when buying on Amazon or reviewing a game on the App store. Anyone can submit a review, provided they have cleared the Tutorial. Let us know what you think!
"Reviews with 80% negative user feedback are excluded from totals." -- This has been true since shortly after reviews were added to the site, and it initially stirred up some controversy as some people accused us of using it to hide bad reviews, but now years later I definitely believe it was the right choice. First, let's look at how much impact this hiding actually has.
Rating With hiding Without hiding
★★★★★ 872 72.73% 992 72.25%
★★★★☆ 242 20.18% 271 19.74%
★★★☆☆ 64 5.34% 76 5.54%
★★☆☆☆ 17 1.42% 24 1.75%
★☆☆☆☆ 4 0.33% 10 0.73%
As you can see from this, the differences are really tiny. So why bother? Well, it's to give weight to your votes. Your up- and downvotes on reviews count for something, as they can make the difference between a review appearing or not within the totals. It's also helpful in filtering spam, although thankfully we haven't had much of it. Reviews where it's just "5/5 [keyboard mashing]" or that don't explain anything of why the user has given a particular score, these aren't as "helpful" as reviews that go into detail, and so your votes help incentivise people to leave more helpful reviews. Nobody wants their submission hidden, after all, especially not by their own fellow users! So overall, I feel this decision has really helped maintain the quality of reviews received. And if you'd like to add yours to the list of warmly-received feedback, please feel free!
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Dr.Devorak's AvatarDr.Devorak
Dr.Devorak's Avatar
I've already sent in my review >:3
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FeatherCats's AvatarFeatherCats
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This is great! sending a review in right nowww~
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Hattercrow's AvatarHattercrow
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7.8, too much water.
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Garthic's AvatarGarthic
Garthic's Avatar
A bug has been found that stuck everything at 5/5 stars. Our apologies! Let us know if it affected you and we can adjust the star rating for you! Sorry!
Babypoke's AvatarBabypoke
Babypoke's Avatar
Mines good:) sent in my review is not very long but anything helsp right:)
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nikao's Avatarnikao
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That is really great that we now can do this! thank you for this ^_^ can we change our review, like when we remembered something and want to add it or change it when we did write something stupid and did send it, or such...or can we write more than one review with time when we cant change the first?
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Duckbug's AvatarDuckbug
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QUOTE originally posted by Garthic

A bug has been found that stuck everything at 5/5 stars.
Right, a "bug." :P I'll submit a review shortly. I'm really glad this is a feature. :3



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Münki03's AvatarMünki03
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Sent in my review~
ezpups's Avatarezpups
ezpups's Avatar
Wow, that was a super quick find to the bug. I just submitted my review, and I put it at 4/5 stars, but due to the bug- it's at 5 stars.(surprised there are't 0.5 increments)
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