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Creative Nicknames You've Encountered

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wingull's Avatarwingull
wingull's Avatar
Nothing tops the "Mega Xerneas" stantler I saw on WT on SM a couple years back P:
"we'll figure somethin' out yeah just you and me so we can run away" - rowan / 22 yr / they/them code + icon by me
fÙwÚrret's AvatarfÙwÚrret
fÙwÚrret's Avatar
[ c o r s o l a ]
I feel like every username has a creative name.
timid nature prefered
fav types fav poke
idol hell is keeping me hostage self-proclaimed furret mother
code-hercules avatar background previously known as aisuchi
Yahan's AvatarYahan
Yahan's Avatar
I recently saw a Kecleon named Kecleopatra. (Or something like that)
Formerly known as Yay Avatar made by Cryst; my sig is my own work. Both the Pokemon and the girl have the same name: Lottie Lock. I named her after Lottie in Erin Entrada Kelly's novel You Go First. The quote at the top is also from the novel.
ACottontail's AvatarACottontail
ACottontail's Avatar
When I was wonder Trading in Y someone traded me a Druddigon named YOURSNOW!!! Most creative wonder trade nickname I have ever seen.
Check out my gym, and my Journal. Vearus sprite + banners by me.
Beta Wooper from the 1999 Gold/Sliver protype, the sprite was revamped and animated by me
~The trainer of raging dragons~
Beldarius's AvatarBeldarius
Beldarius's Avatar
Three months ago, I managed to get a Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist called Harry Potter in a Wonder Trade. XD Also tooting my own horn a little, but I couldn't help sharing what I came up with. Decidueye: Robin Hoot. I had to make that joke. Delibird: Mrrychrsms. I love Project X Zone 2.
lurk lurkedy lurk kaboom Character in avatar belongs to me Art commissioned from Chibimouto-chan
I got a Lombre named: Leg is Hot I don't know either
Avatar made by Mystera.
I recently got a wailmer named living beach ball from wondertrade
Does 28 Cosmogs named 'Nebby' count?
avatar [ carousel-horses on dA ]
Nyan-Cat12's AvatarNyan-Cat12
Nyan-Cat12's Avatar
On pokemon Moon, I have seen and own some weird named pokemon. Alolan exxegutor - Tree Man Wailord - BIG Emploen - BEST EMPLOYEE
Avatar By the wonderful Novan-Chan!
Made by sunnelion
Rokon's AvatarRokon
Rokon's Avatar
I used to love giving weird nicknames to Pokemon. I don't remember all of them, but here's some I can remember: - chungus, Golurk - chompo, m Jellicent - long boy, ?? - keet>?, Apoc Golurk - i don't like su or gf, mega Gardevoir - Le Dark Memer, mega Gallade - sad heterosexuals, Samurott - SAO SUCKS, mega Steelix - focus on school meu, Umbreon (which I still have, he's a scourer) - vegan cult, mega Jumpluff - Master Swindler, Panpour - Colress' Shack, Magikarp - 47 lamborghinis, mega Lunupine - u want vaporion, ?? - Lenile, Chandelure (from PMU) - Tanren, Golurk (also from PMU) - the yaoi tank, ?? - scumslip, ?? - descending bear, ?? - ʕु•̫͡•ʔु, ?? I also god a mon named "When you lose a Pokemon battle ;)" which I had to report because it's description was NSFW >> Some time ago I found a shiny Scolipede named Saxobeat. Loved the name so much I use it for my own. I have 2 Halloween Purrloins named Incandescent and Rapine. My Roserade is named Astringent, and my Apoc Breloom is Vitrolic. My shiny Ardik is called Jennamite, after the crystal in Avatar: The Last Airbender c: Paroxysm the shiny Purrloin and Concupiscent the albino Purrloin are some of my favs. Shiny Archeops named Roussi. A shiny Baflammet named Demogorgon. Who was actually named that because he was featured in a heaven vs hell roleplay I did :'D Kiss with a Fist the Salazzle and her gf, Shadow of the Heart the albino Salazzle. Love Florence and the Machine <3 Have a trio of Alolan Ninetales named after Caravan Palace songs. Wonderland (regular), Mighty (albino), Star Scat (shiny), and L'envol the shiny Alolapix. My shiny Bruxish is named Sacros. No reason, just thought of it off the top of my head :D My shiny Shiinotic is named Harvest Moon. Because those games are fantastic. Shny mega Absol named Heart Painter! Her actual name is Christine. She's based off an OC me and my friend Jey (who has an Amorvoir and a shiny Vaporeon named after her) made. She's one of those people who says "normal people scares me" and calls people she doesn't like "normies". Would be good for comic relief except she's a murderer D: Lord knows there's more I can no longer remember x3
cee - he/she/they - 21 icon from Rachel and Jun youtube sig sprite by me stoked sparksurfer! everything i post is to be read in the flattest voice possible

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