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chrisCrossed's AvatarchrisCrossed
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I've seen stuff about these asked numerous times so thought it would do well to have a guide of them all. If I am missing any, please let me know
Male Female Genderless
Special Pokemon
Shiny Albino Melanistic
Mega Evolved Account Locked PF1 Transfered
Custom Sprite Revived Fossil From Pokewalker
Recieved as Starter Delta Species
User Based
New User Mod/Admin* User with Hypermode
Exhausted Tired Not Tired
* = Only visible in Site Chat Delta Symbols show as different color for different types.
Normal Fire Water
Electric Grass Ice
Fighting Poison Ground
Flying Psychic Bug
Rock Ghost Dragon
Dark Steel Fairy
The following get their own section because they don't fit nicely in the table. Fields Raises Happiness for those types Lowers Happiness for those types Time of Day Day-time Night-time Dusk/Dawn Pokemon Happiness A happy pokemon will have a green heart similar to the field happiness. An unhappy pokemon will has a red heart similar to the field happiness. A neutral pokemon will have a yellow heart. Announcments Bar** Daily Tasks Egg Timer Hypermode (Info/Purchasing/Using) Shiny Charm (Also where you can buy Pokeradar, Pokeradar+, Shiny Charms, UBercharms and Shiny Charm Box) Ubercharm Albino Radar (You can buy and charge the Albino Radar here. Ubercharms can also be bought here.) Lucky Egg (EXP Share, Lucky Egg, and Super Lucky egg can be bought here) Interactions Tournament Contest MCW (Mass Click Weekend) Fab Friday Birthday Bonus / Type Race **You can learn more about all the icons in the announcement bar by clicking on them at the top of the page. EXCEPTIONS: Tournament, Contest, MCW, Fab Friday, Type Race, and Daily Tasks are not there all the time. Info on these can be found by going to their respective page from Farm > Other Links. Info about the Birthday Bonus can be found on the wiki.
Helpful Links/Info about the Above:
Banner by me, not free to use. Avatar by Näerie, not free to use either.
AbysmalDemon's AvatarAbysmalDemon
AbysmalDemon's Avatar
Oh wow! This looks great! If you want the max heart... [img]https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/heart_2.png/t=1427152947[/img]
chrisCrossed's AvatarchrisCrossed
chrisCrossed's Avatar
Yeah, I didn't put it specifically since it's identical to the field heart. I suppose it would be more obvious and look better to put it there too instead of just text tho.
TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
It's a really great idea, it'll help so many newbies out there I think. :D You should add the little icons from the... how do you call it... so where is the Daily Task's, Shiny charms, Albino Radar, etc is so their icons. I hope I make some sense :)
after a week of nightshift in work, I am a bit tired... ><
The MCW one is missing ^^"
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chrisCrossed's AvatarchrisCrossed
chrisCrossed's Avatar
Oh right ^u^ I don't think I'll add Holly and her Pokemon's sprites, since it says "News" right next to them so should be obvious, and as the tutorial constantly sends new players to the lab, they'll have seen them there. But I will add the others. ^u^
TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
You are right, Holly is quite obvious :)
I'd suggest updating the Fab Friday symbol. ^^
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Oh. You don't have the sprite for the birthday up... if I had the image, I'd definitely link it, but my birthday ended 2 years ago,

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chrisCrossed's AvatarchrisCrossed
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QUOTE originally posted by åshlynSçrîbblës

I'd suggest updating the Fab Friday symbol. ^^
Oop good catch. I forgot it even changed. Fixed. --- EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot the birthday thing had an icon. I'll grab it on my birthday in a few days.
Mookybear13's AvatarMookybear13
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This is so helpful! Thank you!!
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