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sojussimblr's Avatarsojussimblr
sojussimblr's Avatar
Updated Venipede line means updated Mega Scolipede! I think the shading on Totem Leavanny got changed too, but it's very subtle
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  • A Christmas Bee, for Melan Luck
They/them, for simplicity. Beathan sprite; egg sprites from Bulbapedia; avatar; Acacia sprite by me; Bee from Pokefarm Advent
Karakara's AvatarKarakara
Karakara's Avatar
Buying: Ruby Orbs for 20 and Order's Crests for 20 each. PM me or check out my shop Avatar by Temporal
WiltedSoul's AvatarWiltedSoul
WiltedSoul's Avatar
The whole sewaddle line has more detailed shadows now and they're gorgeous!
Formerly DecayingBabydoll & 13abydoll
Trade Shoppe
Credits; Icon by Meka
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove

Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
this one probably changed, not sure if the image updated for me yet
Journal avatar: screenshot of toxtricity's ingame model edited by me
Melia's AvatarMelia
Melia's Avatar
Melia ✦ she/her ✦ Free Fields 「 Star searing flames of absolution! 」 Score: 0
Background is official art from Xenoblade Chronicles Avatar made for me by subconniving F2U code by Gumshoe Type Race button made by MochaFox
MossDragon's AvatarMossDragon
MossDragon's Avatar
I didn't have time to pull up all new releases at once in one post xwx Cottonee Whimsicott
collecting: ShopLF Bitter/Quirky ShiniesCreds
SoulWesson's AvatarSoulWesson
SoulWesson's Avatar
I think the melan changed...? If so, here they are.
AvatArt by Res0nare
Score: 0
Badge by LycanKai
GhostHaunter's AvatarGhostHaunter
GhostHaunter's Avatar
Regular female frillish Shiny female frillish Albino female frillish
Type race score: 0 Avatar made by Cwend!
Regular Shiny Albino Melan
(avatar by me) (shop thread will be back eventually)

Pages: 123··· 466467468469470

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