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Karakara's AvatarKarakara
Karakara's Avatar
Woah congratz! What a beauty! :D
Avatar by Temporal
Miky's AvatarMiky
Miky's Avatar
Somebody please teach me how to copy the image only, not the platform Edit: I have been enlightened :D Anyway, here's Light Blue and Orange Floettes, will evolve them soon!!
cïnderace's Avatarcïnderace
cïnderace's Avatar
Miky's AvatarMiky
Miky's Avatar
PaintedFence's AvatarPaintedFence
PaintedFence's Avatar
albino gible updated ? at least i think so, cause it wasnt letting me into my fields for a minute saying it cant load in the albino sprites and i was met with this x_x original new
Scott • artist • P: joint shopbfarts & crafts journal hey all, most my pokemon are uft since i enjoy hunting for them but not so much keeping them, check out my shop linked above for more currently hunting goomy
lucky's Avatarlucky
lucky's Avatar
Some updated melans, I'm on mobile and idk how to grab the images
Ze/hir. Icon drawn by me, for my personal use only.
Mia's AvatarMia
Mia's Avatar
Here's the few Sinnoh albies I know I have without digging too far. Male Luxray Budew Line. If it matters, Budew & Roselia are female and Roserade is male.
Avatar is gift art of my faerie OC Mia, drawn on and saved directly to my computer during the year Teo and I were roommates.
Gengirl's AvatarGengirl
Gengirl's Avatar
Shiny Mega Garchomp Albino Shaymin Albino Cherrim
Credit to my bff CorvidsAiden for my avatar!
TaíntedDøll's AvatarTaíntedDøll
TaíntedDøll's Avatar
Avatar made by ME on this site
Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
male vs female I mean I guess.

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As a queer
asexual lesbian
Chinese-American girl, I am NOT privileged enough to feel safe around police. I cannot in good conscience support the oppressive system we have now. It’s not “political,” it’s basic human rights.

#BLM #ProtectAsianLives #StopAsianHate #AllCopsSuck!!

Pages: 123··· 420421422423424··· 429430431

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