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QUOTE originally posted by BananaMoonKit

Melan sigilyph isn’t in the wiki-
Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
the new melan seedot's missing from the wiki, so here's my beauty baby boy who just hatched -u-
i have nothing but love for the places that call me home
★ art made by me ★ background ★ icon - Xenox - my shop
Shazi's AvatarShazi
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spearow line has been updated~
921 Fairy Gems to Wishalloy
Avatar art by Liz
ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
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QUOTE originally posted by Shazi

spearow line has been updated~
Kaeru's AvatarKaeru
Kaeru's Avatar
added : albinos
🔔 M I L L E - F E U I L L E K I N G D O M 🔔 art by me and sprites above this text from the japan-only game 'kaeru no tame ni kane wa naru'
translated as 'the frog for whom the bell tolls' by masahiro sakurai

MistakenAgain's AvatarMistakenAgain
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Not on the wiki~
This amazing person made my profile picture!

QUOTE originally posted by MistakenAgain

Not on the wiki~

Current Type Race Score: 714

Even if I'm offline for an extended period of time, that does not mean I lose intrest.
70% of the world thinks Warrior Cats is stupid. 25% say: "Who cares?". Repost if you are part of that 5% that would take a hard cover copy of Warrior Cats and slap the other people saying: "STARCLAN IS OUT FOR REVENGE!”
Art from official Hero Academia manga Please visit the Vivillon Breeders' Directory to see which users hatch which Vivillon Pattern, or the Maravol Breeders' Directory for the Maravol patterns. Consider joining the Mythbusters PFQ Division!
Audino's AvatarAudino
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noticed melan ferroseed isnt on the wiki so here you go
söbble's Avatarsöbble
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Sorry, nothing exciting, but repeat pattern maravol didn't have a shiny on the wiki yet - I tried to get an albino but no dice :/
× 254 / 1000
× 190 / 1000
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Art by morce10. Permission for avatar and banner.

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