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Sprite Discovery

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Karezi's AvatarKarezi
Karezi's Avatar
o new skiddo sprites? andd Gogoat :0 melan

Summons I'm Collecting!

× 32 /120 × 65 /120 × 35 /150
Avatar credits
Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
and Mega makes three!
689/6278 Dragon Gems
Hearts Souls
Maleficent’s Sinister ‘Stache
ShadowNova's AvatarShadowNova
ShadowNova's Avatar
Heart attack!
If someone withdrawn, I will never again trade with this person
Canine's AvatarCanine
Canine's Avatar
New Hoenn! Slakoth and Vigoroth Melans +Albinos. c:
Oliver. Male. 21. Code BG / Pixel Avatar Sig Art
Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
Argh, I can't wait to see what the evos are like!!
Previously 'thedorkychicken'! Chicken | 22 | they/them 75GP shinies! | Art shop!
Karezi's AvatarKarezi
Karezi's Avatar
Can't really tell, but it looks like a slightly duller purple?? I'm pretty sure? OMG ITS SO PRETTY
ShadowNova's AvatarShadowNova
ShadowNova's Avatar
I can't get new sprite of my regi xD and tropius looks nice!
Cyndalavosion's AvatarCyndalavosion
Cyndalavosion's Avatar
Avatar made by BananaLizard
ShinyYena's AvatarShinyYena
ShinyYena's Avatar
Can't Get The Sprite, Ech.
SpoodleBug's AvatarSpoodleBug
SpoodleBug's Avatar
Bois!!! I think??? They're darker???
Avvy by ScribblyGryphon

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