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QUOTE originally posted by Austro

Idk how to remove the aura c,:
this should work..
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:3 ??
Score: 12178
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QUOTE originally posted by Sjoba

:3 ??
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I got the albino! I at LEAST got the albino. It's fine, it's fine
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Albino Jugulis
The fiery gal and good luck charm: Credit to BlueBlissey for September ‘23 Normal Trophy
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On mobile, but melan iron bundle
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Oct 11
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QUOTE originally posted by Ludmila

On mobile, but melan iron bundle

Blue || they/them

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Albino iron bundle:-
Buying Shrouds @ 25zc per Swords of Ruin @ 100zc
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Melan Iron Treads~
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QUOTE originally posted by LunaOokami

Albino iron bundle:-
Score: 434

Apocalyptic Growlithe Pic|Avi by Kattling

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