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Sprite Discovery

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QUOTE originally posted by Austro

Holding off evoing him paid off c: idk how to remove the aura though

Hatched Shinies

glitter glitter, shine so bright

Hatched Albinos

pastel power!

Hatched Melans

heart attack in a purple sparkle

Hatched Eggs

so many eggs.....
23969 pts .
Albino Flutter Mane
Score: 11411
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Yay I get to discover one for once! Shiny Brute Bonnet

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Can't see albino Slither Wing. Apologies if I'be missed it.
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QUOTE originally posted by LunaOokami

Can't see albino Slither Wing. Apologies if I'be missed it.
edit: a bunch more in the thread that i noticed havent been isolated yet! Melan Flutter Mane Albino Scream Tail Regular Slither Wing Albino Brute Bonnet

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Bizarrely, regular Great Tusk hasn't been posted yet, so here it is! ^v^ - Juku

Juku | They / She / He | 22

I haven't seen Albino Roaring Moon posted I don't think?
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I didn't realize that Shiny Gholdengo hadn't been found/shared... I knew I had it but I honestly thought someone else had gotten it too so here's the Shiny and box formes (not that the box is SUPER noticeable.) No box

Box Formes

Cute Box Dainty Box Deluxe Box Glittery Box Gorgeous Box Hard Box Heavy Box Light Box Nifty Box Pretty Box Shiny Box Sinister Box Anyone else wish the special boxes (Premium, Gragon's Stash, Gragon's Hoard, Box Box, Box Box Box) had special sprites?? I do Dx
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Another 3 segment snack have been found uwu

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