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Art shops and 'prepaying'

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I'm aware that prepaying isn't allowed; however, would it be considered prepaying if I require payment before delivering an unwatermarked version of the art? For example, if someone orders a commnission and I finish it, am I allowed to give a version with a heavy watermark first, and then the unwatermarked version after receiving payment? This is how I've done art shops on other sites, and if possible I'd like to carry that practice here, but I wasn't sure if it was prepaying up front since it's not delivering the full artwork. Some clarification would be fantastic! <3

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half prepayment is allowed for art only before completion! when it's completed, the way i do it is this: the commissioner sends the payment in a trade before i deliver the art, i send the unwatermarked/transparent version and then accept the trade. it satisfies the no prepayment rule and minimises risk to both you and the commissioner!
mio is fine too!
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