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I decided to finally make a story using my characters! And not just let them stay in the fields for so long with no purpose! Please know that this is my AU of Pokemon and this is my first time writing a story, a long one in fact, but I'll give it a try. I just hope I won't procrastinate but only Arceus will know. Info

World Map

Prologue Around 500 years ago, there were two worlds that lived peacefully together. The only way to get to each other was through a portal. Found in the Hall of Origin trusted by Arceus but the worlds are a different story. One where people and pokemon live together. Beautiful cities and towns, famous pokemon trainers, and communities all around. And a world where only pokemon exist. There are multiple towns but modern technology is still very much a thing. Some pokemon will get into trouble but that's not a problem for the many mystery dungeon teams out there. However, one man wasn't too fond of this solo pokemon world. He thought the world was scary, confusing, and corrupt. He gathered many humans and pokemon from all over the regions and a massive war started. Both sides defended each other's worlds, and Arceus, not wanting the chaos to continue pushing everyone back where they were and sealed the portal but not without sacrifice. Such a sacrifice turned it to stone and the Hall of Origin was closed off, buried beneath the grounds where no one will ever find the past... hopefully...


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