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hi daycare issue -m-'

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MrSmilesXD's AvatarMrSmilesXD
MrSmilesXD's Avatar
ive been struggling to breed a 97% 100happyness and lvl 44 idk their at 110% egg chance but legit WILL NOT PRODUCE AN EGG ive tried and so far in the last 3 months ive gotten only a few eggs from them, am i doing something wrong or is it something else?
Mystera's Avatarhypermode-12.pngMystera
Mystera's Avatar
Are they variants or exclusives? Or regular mons? Variants and Exclusives have a much lower breeding chance than regular mons, even tho it'll still display as 100+.
MrSmilesXD's AvatarMrSmilesXD
MrSmilesXD's Avatar
so my hydrark pair will be rlly hard to breed then?
RosyBird's Avatarhypermode-12.pngRosyBird
RosyBird's Avatar
Unfortunately yes. A lot of people use the red gigaremo to make it easier. There’s also a daycare update that should hopefully come out soon that’ll make them easier to breed iirc!

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