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[Suggestion] More Customization Options for Multi-User Pages

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slugpup's Avatarslugpup
slugpup's Avatar
Hello! I absolutely adore so many things in this new QoL mod as a returning player. I have some suggestions for the customization of the multi-user pages, though. They're mostly aesthetic customization option suggestions. First, enabling both "Show field button", and "Include showcase" causes the two buttons to overlap. I suggest moving the showcase button to be next to the field button, if both are enabled, or perhaps moving the showcase (or field) button to be a little higher, or a little lower.


Second, as it currently stands there's no way to view both the party and showcase Pokemon at the same time while using the custom options. It's a small detail, but I like seeing the little guys that people decide to show off. This feature didn't exist when I played last, but I think it's really cute. Thanks for making such an awesome tool for players to use. :D
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Mirzam's Avatarhypermode-12.pngMirzam
Mirzam's Avatar
As a mobile-first player, I admit I made some mistakes when doing the showcase update for desktop n_n' Try this code in your skin or extra CSS to make the showcases display normally on desktop:


.qolPartyCustomParty:not(.qolHideShowcase) #partybox:not(.swap-panels) .showcase:not(:empty) { border: 1px solid !important; height: unset !important; margin: 10px auto !important; padding: 4px !important; overflow: visible !important; } #content .qolPartyCustomParty:not(.qolHideShowcase) .showcase:not(:empty) + .mu_navlink.toggle { display: none !important; }
(I intend to make that the default desktop view in the future)
slugpup's Avatarslugpup
slugpup's Avatar
Oh, awesome! Thank you! I am also primarily a mobile player haha, so I getcha.

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