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1x1 RP with Madonnya "Travelers... or Stars?"

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Welcome to Hoenn, a bustling region filled with people, Pokémon, battles, contests and a sense of adventure if you know where to look. Pokémon know of humans and have their own range of emotions in regards to them, while some may love them unconditionally, others fear or hate them, or even be completely unaware that they exist until one shows up around them. This is an adventure of Pokémon, making their way through a human filled world. What perils will our group of misfits go through? What discoveries will they make? Will they travel to other regions, or will they forever find Hoenn their place of belonging? Let's find out together. __________________________________________________________ Characters: Hypno, Male, LV 63 Psychic, Nightmare, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis He is normally a very calm and quiet pokemon, quite large in his physique and has a gentle looking face. However, because he is a Hypno, people seem to fear him and think he will be like the one that was in legends before him. This is untrue, of course, but this led to his previous trainer abandoning him and he decided to take cover by using a brown cloak that only shows off his large nose when he sits down. His biggest desire is to be accepted by others and to help others sleep again like he used to when he was a Drowzee. Reshiram "Kurama" Male LV 74 *shiny* Fusion Flare, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Stone Edge A very flamboyant pokemon, Kurama is sassy and loves to be the "drama queen." He has been known to playfully overact in his antics to get what he wants and poke fun at those he likes. Though if you can get past his act, you will find a sympathetic pokemon who is willing to help his friends. His favorite flowers are roses. He is currently in hiding from some evil organization who wish to use his powers, though he doesn't hide very well unless he sits still. Flygon "Shira" Female LV 46 Bug Buzz, Aerial Ace, Dragon Tail, Psychic Noise She is insanely clumsy and prone to finding very important or lost things with uncanny ease. She has been known to find the mirage tower in the desert she calls her home at least 5 times a week, usually by flying right into it. Easily distracted and fun loving, she's always wondered what life outside of the desert would be like, though she is afraid of what would be out there. She doesn't really understand humans, and is easy to make friends with whatever pokemon she finds.
Madonnya's AvatarMadonnya
Madonnya's Avatar
I love this so far! Here's my characters! ^W^ Sylveon, Female, LV 55 *shiny* Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Play Rough, Calm Mind Queen of the contest scene, she's won every beauty contest in the region. Originally from Kalos, her trainer and her traveled here to Hoenn to show off her skills and leave the other competitors in the dust. While she's very contest oriented and will do anything to win, she will never hurt another pokemon in order to do so and will never be a bad sport about it if she loses. She has her own human fan club where trainers for the other pokemon will flock to her and give her gifts, sometimes much to her dismay. She also has her own pokemom fan club consisting of baby pokemon that she dotes on when she's there, as they're her biggest fans next to Kurama. She would love to explore the world one day with her future mate, if she can find anyone! Cacturne, "Blackwater" Male, LV 75 *shiny* Needle Arm, Drain Punch, Lunge, Toxic A desert dweller who's lived on Route 111 for his entire life and knows the ins-and-outs of everything that goes on. He knows basically everyone that resides there and is incredibly close to Shira, as he finds her clumsiness rather endearing and charming to his cold heart. He's much skinnier than regular Cacturnes due to his non meat diet. He much prefers the taste of berries to other living beings. He's always wanted to ride on a Rapidash after seeing one pass through the desert with a human, admiring how gorgeous its fire mane was, but wouldn't object any other horse pokemon, like Spectrier for example, he would admire too, as they're both dark in nature. He usually sleeps during the day unless there's an emergency, but his sleep schedule has been out of place since he met Shira, and he's okay with that. (I'll stick with these two for now unless I wanna add more in future :3 I'll edit this then!)
Awesomeness! I love them! x3 <3 I'll get the first post up and running here in a second xD <3 ngl, I love that Sylveon and Kurama know each other and that Shira will have a buddy! x3 <3 that's amazing ^3^ <3 EDIT: Here it is! <3
Madonnya's AvatarMadonnya
Madonnya's Avatar
Sounds amazing tysm! :3 And it works I thought :33333 They're both dramatic together!
Long post I know xD but... backstory dump alert xD

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