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Hi everyone! I need some tips ig

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RobbMoth's AvatarRobbMoth
RobbMoth's Avatar
Hey everyone! I'm Robb and even tho this profile was created back in 2017, I only started playing this game this week and I'm enjoying it, even if not knowing anyone else and not having that much experiences with sites like this (only Pokéheroes) and I feel a bit lost- Would someone enjoy helping me out and also have someone to say hello to here? I'm having a blast with the exclusive mons too, very cool indeed! I don't even know if this is the right section, sorry and thank you for the attention! ❤️
Mystera's AvatarMystera
Mystera's Avatar
Hello! For gameplay, you may want to check out The Beginner's Guide. The Wiki is also helpful. If you just want to socialize and have Discord, check out the PFQ Discord server!
Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
hi! welcome back to pfq :D here are some more links that you might find useful: - Updated core site rules - a thread for the rules of pfq - Help Forum - a forum for asking questions (there's also a questions and answers channel in the pfq discord server that Mystera linked!) - The Beginner's Guide - Help & Questions - a thread for asking questions (goes with the beginner's guide that Mystera also linked) - PFQ Abbreviations Guide v2.0 - a guide to abbreviations you might see around pfq - Guides Forum - a forum of guides for many different aspects of the game, including the guides already linked also feel free to pm me if you ever need anything! ^__^
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